Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have started several posts over the past few days...none of them were what I really felt inspired to continue. One was negative (re:Restoration Hardware); one was boring; one was off in left field. I think I'm suffering the effects of the Dog Days of August. It has been unbearably hot here (being only second generation Irish, my genes do not support heat) and the shop air conditioning has gone spacey. Not good for inviting customers to come shopping. Perhaps I have "cellular memory" resulting from the many years of those last few days before the kids went back to school (as much as I loved my children, by the end of August, I never wanted to see them again)--so much to be organized, new clothes, shoes, volleyball, football...plus the stress of new teachers and classmates. (All that driving) Yuck.
Well Roberto is coming today to reorganize so that I can squeeze in one more sofa.......
I didn't mean to.......I really couldn't help it......yes, I know, more seating for the shop which I do not need.
But how could I pass it up? I sooooo intended to take it home--I actually do need a new sofa.
I won the bid at such a ridiculously low figure that I'm embarrassed; but there have to be winners at auctions and if no one else is paying attention......Not only that, I managed to fit her into the Explorer (2 inches to spare).
The sofa is amazing--I think it's late mid-century Danish!! Top of the line design and leather and in excellent condition (serendipity-I had not previewed this action) with the perfect and very   desirable patina for its age (c. late 60's/70's) and TUFTING of the back cushions.  So how can I take her home? Nope--into inventory.
Roberto will spiff her up and she'll be set to go.
I'll post photos tomorrow as it's a little cramped in the Explorer.
Jones will look stunning and elegant  on her.
Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride.
Stay cool.
Mary and Jones (and Cole)

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