Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update--Dog Days


Isn't she gorgeous? Low, slinky and sensuous--look  at the profile with the bottom edge following the curve of the low arm.  And I listened to that still small voice that said "go".  
I married the sofa to a pair of Michael Taylor for Baker late 1950's lamp tables, 60's gilt wood Italian lamps and the back of the sofa highlights the red lacquered pedestal table with a pair of period deco rosewood benches. And, of course, the Peruano Fortuny pillows.
The miracle is that Roberto and I could squeeze in one more piece of furniture.

Our weather has cooled a bit and Mini Beast decided to help me write this post........

I kept attempting to get Mini off the computer, but he insisted that my loving him was more important--I gave in. That is 20 lbs. of siamese.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Remember it is all in the listening and then taking action-I wish that I listened more often.

Be well,
Mary and Jones (and Mini)


  1. Oh yes those curvy lines and everything you paired with the sofa is perfect!! It must be so fun Mary!

    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Thank you. Yes, the fun is in seeing how all these disparate elements will some how fit together. xoxox Mary

  2. so many gorgeous pieces...it is so fun putting everything together isnt it! xv

  3. Hi Vicki, Yes, it's rather like playing house as a child. But I have to give credit to Roberto (also a fantastic restorer) with whom I have a special connection and we speak in our own shorthand when we work together--such a blessing. xoxo