Thursday, September 20, 2012


I haven't been going to auction lately--it is soooooo hot in the warehouse and I have absolutely no room (it is getting to be a problem....). But since business has picked up a bit and with a little play money in hand, I went to my favorite auction today.
Remember my chair addiction? Well, I promised that I would not, under any circumstances buy any more chairs. Well, the bid came up on an adorable pair of Italian/French Boudoir chairs and the auctioneer couldn't get an opening bid. So I thought that I would help him out and opened the bid at $50 (these chairs usually go for much, much more money; so I thought that I was safe. Not so. I now own an adorable pair of caned-back Louis-legged boudoir chairs that are really nothing like the ones below, but I thought that I would simply plug in the photo.

My chairs have a high caned back and legs and seats similar to these.
Next up:
A camphor wood campaign chest on newer stand. I think the chest dates to the mid to late 19th c. and is in great condition and already fitted to a custom stand. There were two of these camphor wood chests and somehow I missed the larger one (Never loose your focus at auction is rules No. 1!), but I'm happy with my little guy who looks a lot like the one below, but smaller.

But the piece de resistance was a single English Regency chair that was mismarked as a "game" chair.
I took one look at it and said: "mine!!!!!!!" I guess that I was the only one to know that it was a c.1810-1815 "Cockfighting" or "Reading" chair. These chairs are pretty uncommon, especially in Los Angeles. So it became mine. The photo below is of a George III Cockfighting chair in all original condition and at a top New York antiques gallery (M.S. Rau). The one I just bought is similar in form, but the legs are fluted mahogany ending in original casters.

I bought a few more things.......and I have to admit: I bought another chair. I collect 18th and early 19th century children's chairs....and here was the cutest  19th c. French Provencal high chair in walnut (these usually go for about $250)......Once again, the auctioneer couldn't get an opening bid; so I opened the bid for him at $25.  And there was no further bidding.  You see, it is not really my fault---I simply have good chair karma.
I'm taking the high chair home for Mia. She will finally have something that her sisters don't. And thank goodness I'm not going to have arbitrate the coming scene when Lauren realizes that there is only one chair and that it's for Mia.
I did get something else....but I'm saving it for the next post when I have a chance to take photos of my loot.
Jones says "Hi"--he has to stay home on auction day and hates it.
Have a wonderful early start to the week-end. It is still blistering here--Jones is getting "done" tomorrow which will help him stay cool.

Thanks for joining us.
Mary and Jones (Mini is in the bad cat dog house)

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  1. Wow you did score!! I am so excited to see your fabulous pieces. I wished I lived near to you, as I would love, love to go to auction with you!

    Art by Karena