Friday, September 14, 2012


A couple of week ago I purchased this pair of slightly neglected French forged iron and crystal sconces. I knew that they had good bones, but were sorely in need of help. They had lost some of their beading and the drops on the candle drips had been replaced with funky glass frosted beads. But they did retain their beautiful cut crystal beading that outlines the frame. Here is what the sconces looked like when I brought them in

Lupe picked them up and rewired them this week. I started designing the bead work while they were out.
I keep quite a supply of rock crystal on hand and started visualizing the refurbished sconces with antique and new rock crystal pendants and rock crystal beading. I have enough vintage/antique rock crystal pendants and small beads, but have ordered the large 1" beads which will detail the candle cups (they will arrive next week).
Lupe brought back the rewired sconces Wednesday and I started experimenting. By Thursday afternoon I was ready to start the removal of the existing crystals and mounting the rock crystal pendants. 
This is just the beginning, but already the sconces are looking pretty spiffy.

Notice the gem quality of the antique rock crystal pendants--they are absolutely clear with the inclusions adding interest.
I'll post photos of the completed sconces when the 1" rock crystal beads arrive. (I notice that Lupe will have to make some adjustments to the tie downs on the outside wiring--that's the way it goes: all the little details need to be perfect before an item is ready)
Thanks for joining me on this journey.
(It is still unbelievably hot here --105* today and tomorrow. Jones and I are melting.)
Have a wonderful late summer week-end.
Mary and Jones


  1. It looks fabulous, Mary! I can't wait for the final reveal. You have a great eye for spotting "good bones." I was really impressed with the Dutch mirror with aqua paint....remember that?? haha!

    1. Hi Loi,
      A fellows dealer's compliments are always the best! I take these forlorn objects as gifts from God.
      Thank you. xoxo

  2. They are gorgeous - can't wait to see them finished - happily following!!

    1. Oh, thank you--I just went to your blog and love it!! I think these guys will be ready by the end of the week.

  3. Mary this is one of the most beautiful sconces I have ever seen!
    You have such an eye for detail and a vision of what is to be!

    Art by Karena