Thursday, September 27, 2012


The rock crystal beads that I had ordered from China arrived last Friday and I finished the rock crystal sconces yesterday. When I opened the rock crystal beads, I was so disappointed because they were not what I thought I had ordered, but after dwelling on them, I decided that they might work.  And they did. (I decided to be open to receiving what the beads were presenting--and not be so damn controlling for once!)

And here's a close-up:

I had Roberto hang them framing my early 18th c. French Nichols de Largilliere (and studio) painting of a French royal. She is gorgeous and I love her (the photo doesn't do her justice)--the frame is a French Deco mirrored frame. The frame is obviously not of the period (and everyone complains) but it works for her and is a work of art by itself. Madame will probably be going home with me soon. We have a complicated and entwined history and I do miss her. I think that I will hang the large Imari chargers that I purchased a couple of months ago just below the sconces to add a little heft.

Roberto is coming tomorrow and I hope that we can finish the Dutch mirror and get it hung. Also, IT IS THURSDAY!! Auction time.  I can't buy any furniture (famous last words) as I have not a single inch of space--and it is the smalls that are selling well right now. We'll see.....
Costco had the most gorgeous wild salmon yesterday. (You all know the reasons not to buy farm-raised salmon, right? Hormones, antibiotics, raised in very tight spaces, farm-raised salmon contaminating wild salmon, etc., etc., etc.,)
So I'm preparing the salmon filet with pesto, a little lemon juice and covered with a generous overlay of organic baby spinach (sealed in foil)--all baked together (400* oven until just done) until the salmon just begins to flake--yum). This is super healthy and delicious--with the layer of pesto and then the spinach the salmon stays really moist.
Wish me luck tomorrow--I guess I mean--let me be open to what is presented with the day.
Jones says "hi"--with the cooler nights he and the cats have returned to their usual spots on the bed--it can be a little crowded (especially when bad boy Mini decides to attack Maddy).
Be well.
Mary and Jones


  1. Hi Mary - I just visited your website. Will be checking for regular updates. Love the photo of Jones and Luxie you snuck in under the pillows section :)

    1. Hi Loi, I know, they are so sweet. Be well.

  2. Mary-
    As always, thank-you for your kind comments and I am here to wish you luck. A dear friend of mine collected Imari and we ate many a grand thanksgiving meal on such plates.
    Next time, try parchment paper - cut a heart shape, layer veggies, scallions, strips of thinly sliced peppers..ginger, then salmon and wrap it in the paper...crimping the edges to seal it....
    I can send you the recipe-
    I have two sconces to send to you.....

    1. Hi Patricia,
      I would love the recipe. I am following a special anti-inflamation diet; so anything that is seafood and fresh vegetables works. Send me photos of the sconces??
      Have a wonderful anniversary week-end.