Friday, July 5, 2013


Here are my three beauties on a hot summer day. We spent the afternoon together having a tea party with very tiny English porcelain cups and saucers, coloring in the back yard and playing with Jones and Luxie. 
And then we had some very bad news a couple of days later--Mia's brain tumor is growing and it seemed as if the only recourse was to start traditional radiation therapy with the knowledge that the therapy would cause some brain damage.....I started shaking cages and exploring options. But on the following Tuesday we had miraculous news: Mia has been accepted into a study program at the University of Florida that has one of only 10 Proton Radiation Therapy facilities in the US (there are only 12 world wide). There are enormous waiting lists at all of these facilities; so being enrolled in a study seemed to be the only option. It will be a long process: 2 weeks at St. Judes in Tennessee; home for a week; and then 2 months at the University of Florida. And even more miraculous:  everything, including transportation and hotel and meals is paid by the study. My joy has been off the charts. God is, indeed, very good. 

Of course, we are all getting our calendars out to fill in where we are going to be substitue Moms for Lauren and Kaia while Grace and Mia are away. I think that I will getting up very early for the next few months as James leaves for work around 5:15 every day.........

MORE NEWS.........
........I'm expanding MJH DesignArts. I set my sights on returning to West Hollywood and 1stdibs several years ago. And I'm taking the plunge. I'm joining "The Collection" that is located on La Cienega Blvd. on August 1st. I will retain my location in Pasadena where the client base buys mainly "traditional" furnishing; The West Hollywood client base has a broader taste level and is more current with trends in 21st century design.

I'll be back in the swing of blogging this has been a little tumultuous lately....but think that things are settling down.

Luxie has been visiting for the past month--his parents are in Spain--and he will be going home soon, too. Luxie bosses Jones around (Big Dog/Little Dog complex) and the cats are hiding......

Mary & Jones & Luxie (poor Cole)


  1. Dear Mary,
    Such good news for Mia! I love to see your darling girls and your adorable menagerie. Even though the cats are in hiding!

    Your business move will be a good one! As I have mentioned I can just feel it!
    2013 Designer Series

    1. Hi Karena, Thank you for all of your support. Now to start packing.
      xoxoxox Mary