Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It seems as if it has been months since I last previewed my favorite auction haunt....so much has happened in the intervening weeks.
But today was free enough to get back on the horse. With my approaching expansion to The Collection on La Cienega Blvd at the end of the month, my creativity factor is ratcheting up a few notches. Here are some of the items that I'm looking at for Thursday's auction --and it's going to be a good one as there are two weeks worth of lots to be sold. What is pulling me in are several different pairs of lighting elements:

These guys, at first glance, appear to be simply mid-century desk lamps. But they are in the style of Paavo Tynell whose lamps and ceiling fixtures are really hot at the moment. My guess is that these guys are 40s-50s French and they are in excellent condition considering there age and use. The donut-shaped base is unusual and unexpected. The brass shades are in pretty good shape, with a little patina--but that is normal......I don't think that they will go cheap (one can only hope).

Of course, these beauties are probably my favorites. Monochromatic deep blue in a traditional Chinese Porcelain form. I love the intense blue of the porcelain which is not very old--perhaps 70s or 80s, but still stunning. (The gold rimmed chargers aren't shabby, either)

Next up--yep, another pair of lamps. These silver leafed obelisk lamps probably date to the late 1970s (please excuse the photo--they are lying down on the table)--they are in fantastic condition, with just the right amount of patina. And neoclassical in form!! Although the photo doesn't properly represent their size, I think they are over two feet. So, with shades, they will reach about 34-36"--not bad.  I love the sphere that separates the plinth from the actual obelisk. They look like they might be Marbro lamps, but there aren't any identifying stickers....

And last, but definitely not least, is this pair of vintage lamp post lanterns. I love the faceted panes of glass and the deeply patinated brass fittings. I will have to have plinths made and lacquered, but they will be well-worth the effort. Pairs of this type of vintage lantern are not common and the glass in this pair is intact.

In addition to the new plinth, the lanterns will be rewired as table top lamps. Perfect for the many old Spanish Revival homes in Los Angeles and new construction, also.
There were a couple of other items that caught my fancy, but I'm sticking to lamps for Thursday. Lighting either makes or breaks a room and all of these four pairs could make spaces sing.

Mia and Grace leave for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Memphis on Sunday. Things are definitely moving along and I am so immensely grateful.

Luxie goes back to his normal home on Monday--Jones and I will miss him, but the cats will be happy to reclaim the house.

And Mr. shaggy dirty Jones is going to the Spa on Saturday.
Hope that the week is bringing you wonderful summer days.
Be well.

Mary & Jones & Luxie (poor Cole)

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