Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It hit 100* today and I'm melting......

Last night I took James and Lauren (6) and Kaia (5) out to dinner....I'm missing Grace and Mia.
One of my conversation snippets with Lauren went something like this:
Lauren:  Nana, how is your leg?
Me:        It's much better, but I think that I will have 
              to have surgery to make it all better.
Lauren:  (Very serious face) Like Daddy?
Me:        Yes, Like Daddy, only Daddy had knee
             surgery and I am going to have hip surgery.
Lauren:  Oh! Well, how are you going to walk?
Me:        I guess that I'll have crutches, but I'll be
             walking in a day or two.
Lauren:  No, I think you need one of those chairs!
Me:        What kind of chair?
Lauren:  Those chairs with wheels.
Me:        I don't think so. I'll be even climbing stairs in
             a few days.
Lauren:  No Nana! You need one of those chairs with
Me:        (The light finally goes on) Do you mean that
             you would like to play with the wheel chair?
Lauren:  Yes!!! And then I could help you.
Me:        I'm a bit speechless envisioning Lauren 
             wheeling me around the back yard full tilt 
             and yelling at Kaia to "stay away from Nana"
             ......perhaps it was a nightmare?
If only we could all return to the age of 6 every once in a while. Life is so simple and so direct.

Mia Update
Mia is finishing her first week of Proton radiation therapy. Three more weeks to go. And then, if everything is looking good, home to California. Thank you for so many prayers for Mia's recovery. We all feel so very blessed.

Auction Preview
On my way home (in the blazing heat with my air conditioner not working properly) from West Hollywood I stopped to preview tomorrow's auction....(the hunt goes on even when I'm not).  I rushed through, but I did see a couple of things that looked promising.....

Of course, I did cut off the rest of the table--but I think this is a Maison Charles two tiered lacquered table--just look at those little feet and the intricate finial.......

Charming antique bronze elephant (I have so many animals that I must think I'm a zoo keeper rather than an antiques dealer.....).

There is a pair of these 20th c. Imari vases which I will definitely buy to turn into lamps. I would prefer 19th c. Meiji period Imari, but these are very nicely done and will make very decorative lamps.

And then there is this "near pair" of  antique French terracotta urns. I love the old painted surfaces and the little nicks and scratches to the terracotta--these guys might go pretty high--you just never know.

Update on the black lacquer chests:  YES!! I sold them about 2 hours after putting them in the shop and finalized the sale on Monday.....I think that I'm on a roll here. My new alliance with an old friend who loves to shop and buy is proving to be just what I needed.

Hope that your end-of-summer weather is a lot cooler than mine--but this will pass as soon as we hit October.

Be well,
Mary & Jones (and Cole)      


  1. Dear Mary,
    It is so hot and humid her in KC...sweltering. The car is like an oven when you get in it even with the windows cracked for some air!

    So so excited about the sale of the chests! Does Hutton know about the new shop? Love, love the bronze elephant

    I am giggling at the children; you might just rent a wheelchair a few days and let them have fun with it; that is if they don't have a wipe-out! Ha! My right hip will be next!

    Feature: “Love Where You Live”

    1. Hi Karena....Yes, he knows--came into Pasadena shop last week. He is a fantastic human being--love him.
      Sending tons of love.........Mary

  2. IF you ever need a shopper in the Basque Country (there are secret places here that have no idea what internet or a website IS!) I’m your woman :)
    Keeping little Mia close to heart with many prayers...

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestion/offer. I will probably take you up on it--but I must wait until country French makes a full come back. I see some French items beginning to sell; so it's just around the corner.
      Sending love,

  3. That elephant!! Swoon!! I have a bit of a thing for elephants - like you and your chairs. Or you and your lamps! Also love the table, especially the legs... sexy! XOXO

    1. Hi Sweetie!!! Didn't get the elephant........See you tomorrow for shopping with Kaia and Lauren.

  4. Such a cute story! Yes, to be young and innocent (and mischievous at times) :) My mother (her name is also Dao) had hip surgeries (both), and is doing much better. No chair, thank goodness. Keep us posted.
    xo Loi