Monday, September 2, 2013


It's Labor Day. Lauren starts first grade and Kaia starts kindergarten tomorrow. 

Auntie Dao and I took the ladies shopping on Friday; so we were treated to a fashion cute. Looks like both are budding fashionistas? They've got that pose thing down pat--and at 5 and 6? 

The handsome guy on the right is Ethan who started High School this year!! And down at the very bottom is a partial view of Cole (Jones' best friend).

Mia is doing very well--10 proton sessions down and 20 to go. 

Mia and Grace are staying at the Ronald McDonald House at The University of Florida, Jacksonville. The generosity of so many people has made Mia's treatment possible--thank you so much.
James and Lauren & Kaia and Grace's parents will be traveling to Jacksonville next Thursday to visit Grace and Mia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has given all of them a mini-vacation in Orlando. (I decided to stay in CA as I need to get a hip done....) 
Being a witness to the tremendous generosity of so many individuals--some anonymous, some known-- inspires me to watch for situations where a simple gesture, a smile, a dollar will lighten a person's load. Yes, there is always the grand gesture which has its place, but let's not forget the little (seemingly inconsequential) acts that spread love and compassion: heaven on earth.
Have a wonderful September--still hotter than H___ here, but it's got to cool down soon??!

Mary & Jones (and Cole)


  1. Oh Mary the children look so darling. Mia is improving all of the time, is such a doll. I am so glad she is at the Wonderful Ronald McDonald House!
    Let us know her continued process!

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  2. Hi, Mary - Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We have been out of town. The photos of the kids are precious!! Mia has the most beautiful eyes - pure sunshine and joy!!! And look at her lovely long hair :) BTW, my mother's name is Dao.