Saturday, September 14, 2013


It has been a super busy time......I've been "Morning Mom" to my little beauties which means that I've been getting up around 4 am to get to my son's house before he leaves for work.....and then it's off to the LA freeways after I take Kaia to her kindergarten class at 10. But all is well! Mia's tumor has not grown and she is tolerating the Proton Radiation therapy very well. We are blessed. This is Mia on her 3rd Birthday last Tuesday...looking very good.

And this was Mia's surprise on Friday---everyone travelled to Orlando to spend 5 days with Mia and Mommy.

I can't wait until Mia and Grace are home for keeps--probably another 3 weeks.


I did sell the pair of Drexel chests about 3 hours after we brought them in. The client wanted custom lacquer work; so here are the before and after photos:

I took these last photos with my Iphone; so they are not so great. But the lacquer work on the chests is exceptional--I do hope the client likes them. When choosing a color for lacquer work, it is almost impossible to know exactly what the color read on the completed item--there is a tremendous amount of light refraction with high gloss lacquer.

Russian Karelian Birch side chairs before being reupholstered:

After, with Scalamandre woven silk... just the way they were designed in 1815.


Tomorrow a new TV show is being filmed at the shop--Pasadena Antiques and Design (it's a Cooperative) I need to be up bright and early to get to Pasadena. I'll take photos of the TV crew filming. Not sure what the name of the show is.... Jones is coming too, maybe he'll become famous??

Mary & Jones (and Cole)


  1. Mary this is so great that Mia had a very special 3rd birthday!
    I am so excited about these pieces; then the Design Show, wonderful news!
    2013 Artists Series

    1. Hi Karena, Joke is on us........The film crew did not show up (I am not surprised as this is Hollywood), but Jones and I had a great day any way.
      Sending love,

  2. A belated happy birthday to our favorite little princess :) Mary, that cupcake looks huge!!! Maybe it's just the angle, haha. Keep us posted on that show. xoxo, Loi

    1. Hi Loi, That is a huge cupcake!! One more week and they wi be home.