Thursday, September 19, 2013


Every time I pick up new pillows at Pam's shop I feel as if it were Christmas and I'm opening my presents. As usual, Pam's workmanship was perfection--I am so blessed to have her in my life. 
Here are a few photos of the newest additions



These "Farnese Frieze" pillows are my favorites (for the moment)--I love the vibrant mottled blue with the Renaissance Gold over stamping--the photo below shows the pillow taken with flash

(I'm getting a new camera and am taking a few classes on how to take better photos....)
I also picked up this little pair of lumbar pillows created with c. 1960's-70's vintage "Veneziano" that would work with many upholstery choices.

And I picked up this pair of green and gold very generous sized pillows created with yards of vintage "R" border...each pillow shows the old Fortuny stamp. Once again, Pam did a beautiful job--the rows of border are French seamed and to perfection.

And one more Christmas present arrived last week in the form of an unusual c. 1930's, narrow loom, Fortuny textile fragment. This Fortuny textile appear to be an early iteration of the "Peruano" pattern. The block is not carved in as much detail as are many Fortuny examples, leading me to think that maybe it was designed to originally print silk velvet??? Any way. I love it--that seafoam green and light brown is quite unusual......


This particular Fortuny textile will be turned into 4 long but short pillows in the not too distant future. Pam still has a few more pieces of Fortuny to work on before I take her this textile and we put our heads together for the appropriate backing silk.

Mia is doing very well. I think there are about 10 sessions to go and then everyone will be home. The tumor has not grown and we are waiting to see if it will reduce. 

I think that Fall has shown up in SC--THANK YOU FOR TEMPS IN THE 70's!!!!!!!!!

HAVE A WONDERFUL  ALMOST FALL WEEK-END. This particular full moon is beautiful.

Be well.
Mary & Jones (and Cole)


  1. Mary I have been thinking of you so much!
    These are some of the most gorgeous pillows and Fortuny fabric I have ever seen. Simply luscious!

    I have prayed that Mia would keep coming along on her path to recovery.

    If you want me to add any information to your ad or send me different images to switch out; that is great! Even the location of your new shop!

    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena,
      Thank you for all of your prayers. Miracles in the making.
      I'll email you a bit later.
      xoxoxo Mary

  2. Thankful for the update on Mia! And for the glimpses of your fabulous Fortunys!!! Love the MJH monogram. They are all so beautiful, Mary :)