Saturday, September 21, 2013


Pretty cute, aren't they!!

I bought these guys last week, but didn't pick them up until yesterday. I love Japanese works of art --these are bronze okimono from the late Meiji period. I'm usually not attracted to bronzes (unless they are Vienna bronzes), but these guys seemed to carry a message for me.
During the weeks that I have been "morning mom" to my 6 and 5 year old grand daughters while Grace is with with Mia at the University of Florida's Proton Center, I've come to appreciate how far I've come in my quest to learn to treasure and simply exist in the moment. This time around I can effortlessly focus on Lauren and Kaia's needs of the moment, suspending any thought of what has passed and what the future might hold. I'm finally understanding and living this understanding that it is the moment at hand that holds the blessings. And I am so grateful for this hard lesson learned--still levels to go, but I'm at least on the first rung.


So back to the tortoises......The tortoise is the Japanese symbol for longevity and happiness. Just like learning to be in the moment, the tortoise with his slow cumbersome body must let go of thoughts of past journeys. If he were to remember the length of each of his passed journeys, he would never initiate another.

And the tortoise is happy--he knows that his needs are met--he carries his waterproof house with him; he only needs to withdraw to find protection from those who would attack him; and I really don't think that his slow metabolism pushes him to continually search for food. The tortoise is simply content being who he is; as a result he is blessed with long life.

We do know that one of the tortoise's greatest perils is finding himself upside down on his's the same with his human brothers--we will definitely feel upside-down if we don't learn to settle our dust and quiet our hearts. Balance and being grounded give life--just like Mr. Tortoise: he definitely is grounded.

Thank you for these weeks with Lauren and Kaia--love is a wonderful healer.

Have a fantastic First Fall Week-end.

Mary & Jones (& Cole)


  1. Dear Mary,
    Thank you so much for sharing your feelings of gratitude. I am so glad to learn of the turtles significance!

    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Hope that you are having a wonderful week-end.......just chillin'
      xoxoxo Mary

  2. Hello, Mary!
    Well said! Thank you for sharing your wisdom as usual. It's been such a crazy few weeks for me. I really need to slow down and enjoy the moment more. I am spending more time with my elderly parents and feel grateful for every second. Most of it is quiet time sitting with them and watching Chinese movies on dvds.

    1. HI LOI, Yes, it is the quiet time--I'm watching Sesame Street again...

  3. What lovely thoughts!
    Your Fortuny pillows are very precious and your clients lucky to have such beautiful and
    thoughtfully-made items.

  4. Mary,
    Charming. We have a tortoise which sits outside on my rock wall. He actually opens up to hide a key or object. I love seeing my tortoise as a reminder to work slow and steady. Balance requires slowing down. I admire your contemplative heart and soul.

    1. Hi Patricia, Mia is coming home on Friday. So many blessings. We won't know the results for a while, but today is enough. Be well. xoxo