Friday, September 27, 2013


This week has been one of reinforcing in my senses the toxic qualities of perfection......maybe not toxic, but definitely boring and an energy downer.
I tend to want to make everything perfect, seeking balance--perhaps it is the fear that some one or many some ones will not like me or approve of what I buy and sell. Maybe it's my love of neoclassical furniture--always balanced. But these are not times of balance--these are times of tumult and it's resultant growth reaching towards balance.
So I'm looking for that odd item; that slightly dissonant object that makes everything come together. Stretching, adapting, moving. Isn't that our purpose? To seek growth, as painful as it might be. So this week I decided to examine shapes and form--fullness of life, perhaps...
The only piece that I found is this brass vessel--I really don't know anything about it except that it reminds me of Claude Conover's ceramic vessels (if only I had know about his work 2 years ago...). The form is pregnant and the patina deep and wonderful. 

Sending wishes for a wonderful week-end. (Can't believe that I'm seeing Christmas Decorations---not quite life in the moment)

Mary & Jones (and Cole)

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