Sunday, September 29, 2013


This is the antique copper vessel of my last post as it was auctioned last Thursday...a little dull, no revealed beauty.
And this is how she looks after a bit of "spit and polish"

I neglected to measure the vessel, but I think it measures about 15" in diameter and 22" in height. I love the counterpoint of the classical style marble column.
I have collected 18th and 19th century brass candlesticks since my years in Spain, and I guess that this vessel is an extension of that passion....

Quick note: first I cleaned the copper with a very mild detergent. When dry, I polished it with hard paste wax.  With metal pieces like this it is best to preserve their wonderful patina (and spirit)-- bringing out their brilliance in other ways.

Sending blessing for a wonderful week--can't believe that it is October ALREADY.

Mary and Jones (and Cole)