Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It's auction day tomorrow. Unfortunately, there hasn't been that much to buy at my favorite Thursday haunt....but that doesn't mean there haven't been discoveries. Richard is an inveterate shopper --I prefer to study and observe and "know" what I'm buying. Richard flies by the seat of his pants and he does score (usually, but there are those Ooops days, too). Last week we were definitely on a score roll...
I posted on my antique copper pot....but on the opposite end of the spectrum are these super finds.
First up is my hidden treasure---just what I love: Neoclassical/Art Deco style in stone and with animals--great gilt brass fierce jaguar mounts. These alabaster sconces date to the 1970's --so not really Deco, but in the spirit of. And they are big! 24"w x 13"h.

And now for Richard's finds--both of us love beautifully forged iron pieces and Venetian style tile makes it even better. This table is English, perhaps a marriage as I think the top dates to c. 1880-1890 with Aesthetic influences, whereas the base has Renaissance influences--but whatever the origins, the results are fantastic.

As you can see from the photos, there are minor losses to the glass mosaic panel, but I think this just adds character and history to the table. I will go over the forged iron work with hard paste wax and that will be it for the restoration work...I'll post a photo once the iron is spiffed up.
And finally.......and this is Richard's baby (I'm usually much more minimal).... a c. 1880-1910 French Louis XV-style serpentine-form lacquered desk (perhaps dressing table as the top is a gorgeous antique marble) with gilt bronze mounts and gallery (and if that weren't enough...) it is finely painted and detailed with unusual inset mother-of-pearl cartouches with Italianate references. Yes, Roberto is working on the restorations--which are minimal. Some one's pup loved the front legs a bit too much and there is minor touch up work required to the black lacquer; otherwise, the desk is in very good condition. 

Sexy legs, that's for sure....just wait til Roberto completes the restoration and she is set to go.

As always, I am grateful for what is so graciously given. Nothing is simply earned--always gifts are given.

Miss Mia and Grace are coming home Friday. I took James (my son) to the airport last night to go pick up his girls in Jacksonville. That also means that my weeks of being morning mom to Lauren and Kaia have come to an end....I will miss those mornings filled with love.

Mary & Jones (& Cole)


  1. Louis XV style desk is very elegant, and unusual. Happy bidding!

  2. Thank you--and it might already be sold. Have a super week-end.

  3. Wonderful finds Mary. The desk, and the alabaster sconces are wonderful. Every piece of tile is a treasure!

    I can omly imagine how happy you are that Mia is coming home.
    A blessing indeed!

    I just had a four day stay in the hospital, today an outpatient surgery and more tests on Monday!

    Velvet Pumpkins Giveaway!

    1. Hi Karena, You are so brave!! Sending love and prayers that this be a super quick recovery! Thanks for the kudos--the desk might already be sold!!

  4. So wonderful to hear the news about Mia and Grace, Mary. I hope you are enjoying time together. Happy Sunday.
    Take care,
    PS - Very handsome sconces!!