Thursday, November 28, 2013


Here are a few photos of our semi-antique Kittinger Furniture federalist-style George Washington desk. Notice that it differs from the photo pulled from the internet in that this particular example features a closed front and a deep mahogany surface. (That is me (I) reflected in the window...). There are a total of thirty-two brass pulls detailing the desk, only 8 of which are functional. Isn't he gorgeous!!

Yesterday we (Roberto, Debrett, Andrew and I) were busy reorganizing and look what happened to a little space that needed to hide the back of a rather homely showcase........

These are the chests of drawers that Flavio lacquered==love the heavy scolloped brass pulls. I finally made the new pins for the hinges on the lacquer screen (coat hanger wire was just the right diameter) and we purchased those amazing brass pagoda lamps last week. The lamps did not look like that when I spied them--Andrew (my son) spent the better part of two days polishing them. These are American lamps that date to the late 70's/early 80's; note the exceptional cast brass dolphin finials.

*****Brass polishing 101!! I have collected antique brass candlesticks since my years in Spain and over the years have made my share of mistakes polishing metal. When polishing any antique or vintage piece of brass it is very important to use the right polish; apply sparingly; use #0000 steel wool lightly if very tarnished; and finish polish with a soft  cotton cloth. I only recommend three kinds of polish: Simichrone (very expensive and very good), Wenol (expensive and very good) and Maas (expensive and very good). These cream polishes leave the original surface intact and give a beautiful soft shine. ******NEVER DIP ANY METALS.******

And finally, here is the Italian grape cluster hiding on my bookcase and some of the carved rock crystal and jade grape clusters that I found last week.

I priced these early 20th c. guys at about $80/ each--mention Jones & Cole (blog) and they are $60/each--sweet Christmas gifts.

Grateful hearts fill our world with light and joy. 

Mary & Jones (and Cole)


  1. Dear Mary,
    The desk is absolutely gorgeous. I love the brass Pagoda lamps, very unique with the dolphin finial!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Oh, thank you!! I'm sending tons of love to you & family as you travel to your parent's home. Happy Thanksgiving to my best cheerleader. xoxoxo