Thursday, November 28, 2013


It is about 6:30 on a glorious Thanksgiving Day morning and I'm about to resume baking and chopping and reveling in  thoughts of the approaching time with family---grateful that my youngest has come home from his current quest, and happy that Mia, Lauren and Kaia will be with us this year.
My prayers go out to those of my close family who cannot come. My heart is also reaching out to all of those who do not have a family to nurture or to be surrounded by. This year, I've chosen to nestle with my loved ones--next year I intend to stretch my wings to nurture others. If there are any individuals that you know of that need a family to shelter in--just a simple phone call will revolutionize the day for them. I learned many years ago when I drove Meals-on-Wheels on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, a single rose (or any flower) in a humble vase or a simple card turns even the saddest and hardest  of hearts.
Please pray for my little family as we integrate Mia's illness into our lives. Special prayers for James and Grace to grow in strength and faith and hope.
Thank you & blessings,

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