Friday, January 17, 2014


As I promised myself, this is the year that I return to designing unique lighting--taking elements from tables, sculptures, vases, animals, etc. and converting these elements into unique lamps or sconces. These are the first of 2014--(I still have a pair of Japanese Imari vases that are in line for charcoal custom lucite bases...)
These carved scrolling s-curves are still attached to their late 19th c. table. Flavio will pick the table up next week; remove these supports; fabricate 3" pyramid-shaped plinths and apply several coats of black lacquer to the plinths. He will then lacquer the carved elements in ivory and attach the ivory lacquered carvings to the black lacquered plinths. Then the lamp bases will go to Carlos Castaneda to be fitted with top quality electrical fittings. I'll probably use ivory canted rectangular shades to finish them off. I think that the ivory lacquer carvings with the black lacquer deco-style plinths will bridge the divide between antique design and modern aesthetics. Any thoughts?? Wish me luck. These projects are not for the feint hearted--pretty pricey and time-intensive.
I've learned through trial and error that it's important to create a lamp base that is at least 19"--20" high so that the total height of the lamp including electrical fittings and shade measures at least 29"-30" inches. Lighting creates interest and bigger is usually better.

How is everyone else doing with their New Year's resolutions??

Family updates: Jones found the bones, skin etc. of two chickens that I used for chicken soup last, Sunday was not pretty.

And Maddy (tiny hissy cat) disappeared on Sunday......I finally checked the Animal Shelter website and there she was, fourth down from the top of the list. My neighbor (directly behind me---jerk!) had set traps for stray cats---but caught Maddy. $300 later Maddy is home and still under my bed. I do not think that she'll be appearing for a couple of days. On the website she was listed as a two year old cat.....that girl is 14; so I guess that love works.

Hopefully, this coming week will be less eventful, but with tons of sales......I needed a couple of big ones very badly.
Sending blessing.

Mary & Jones & Maddy


  1. Mary the new lamp design sounds gorgeous!
    So glad your furry friends are better and hope safe and sound.
    I love the Fortuny fabrics in the last posting.
    Thinking of Mia always...
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Thank you. Sending tons of love--stay warm.

  2. So sorry about Maddy!! Glad she is back home safe, Mary. And your neighbor.....seriously??? How awful :(
    PS - Look forward to your designs - lots of great ideas!

    1. Hi Loi, Yes, we are crazy antiques dealers surrounded by our beasties. It might take a while before Maddy gets feisty personality back, but she'll be fine. Thank you.
      xoxox Mary