Wednesday, January 15, 2014

THE VAULT--Antique Fortuny Fabric

I just sold my last antique c. 1920 Fortuny pillow to one of my favorite clients.
Which means that I GET TO DESIGN SOME NEW ONES. I need to search out just the right silk for the backs and teeny tiny welts that I insist on. Perhaps a fine Italian silk velvet? Or pop it up with a more contemporary silk faille?
Here are the two lengths of c. 1920 Fortuny that I have in "The Vault"
The first was once a drapery panel. You can see the wear to one edge that was exposed to sunlight (the opposing side is in excellent condition)--I will trim the damaged edge and measure the width from the center of the textile to each side. Unfortunately, I will loose a few inches on the right side--but that seems to be a reflection of life--retain the core of one's being (enough of my philosophy).

The pillow at top was fabricated from the deep hem and headers of the drapery panel that had never been exposed to sunlight--you can see how the sun has faded the panel, but it is still gorgeous and will make gorgeous pillows measuring approximately 18"w x 15" to 17" high.
Next up is the fragment of a 1920's wide Fortuny border that came directly from the estate of an intimate friend of Mariano and his wife. The border measures 15" wide--I'll design pillow fronts with the border, framing the sides with a three inch silk border and with the connecting seams overlaid with antique French gilt metallic trim (more hunting).

I love the fact that the carved wood printing blocks were lightly pressed in certain areas and with more pressure in others. The unique qualities and rarity of this textile makes it very desirable. The fact that it retains its original color intensity after almost 100 years is also very unusual. I'll make a trip to see Pam in the next week or so--just need to pull in the silk and the antique trim.
Usually the hunt for vintage and antique Fortuny textiles is arduous, but this fragment simply walked in the door and right to me. Perhaps I am learning to let go??
Mia and Grace are home. I see the cyst dissolving and Mia happy, running and well. Thank you for all of your prayers and love.

Be well,

Mary & Jones & Cole

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