Sunday, February 16, 2014

I opened "Habitually Chic" this morning and look at what Heather had posted*!!!!!!!! Just look at those KLISMOS chairs (and we do know how much I love Klismos Chairs).
The next photo gives a better shot of these amazing chairs; I don't know why Michael Bruno isn't smiling?
But we'll pretend that he temporarily forgot that he lives in one of the most beautiful houses EVER and has great TASTE and access to all the best SOURCES. The point is that these chairs are to die for. Just look at those super sexy legs; the exagerated curve to their backs--pure passion.
Of course, I had to find some more information regarding these duck bump-producing beauties. My first source was (thank you Michael Bruno for this website). I came up with this pair of mid-century Danish chairs
These guys aren't quite the same, note the out swept back legs. Actually, I think I prefer this pair. But Michael Bruno's pair is definitely smile-worthy!! The klismos form of chair dates to the Classical Grecian Period--I don't think that it will go out of fashion any time soon.

Roberto came for 1.5 hours and I finally feel as if we are making some progress. By Wednesday, almost everything should be ship shape.

Have a wonderful week--stay warm and dry.
(We need wet and cool over here)

Mary & Jones (& Cole)

*Original photos: WSJ Magazine.


  1. These chairs are fabulous Mary (as is Michael!), love the legs!
    Have a great week!

    The Arts by Karena