Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Several months ago I acquired this set of French Moderne dining chairs. During the weeks after putting them in inventory I searched and searched for the designer to no avail. I knew that they were great chairs, but an assumption carries little weight: not the same thing as being able to truly identify the maker.
Then, a couple of weeks ago as I was checking the new listings of 1stdibs I saw a set of chairs that REALLY caught my eye
Here is a close up comparison 

The chairs are identical in every detail except one: the dip at the bottom of the back rest on the 1stdibs chairs is carved wood; the dip on my chairs is upholstered. Also my chairs retain their original finish; whereas, the set that I found on the FIRST page of 1stdibs is refinished.
Fortunately, the dealer had carefully included the creator, Pierre Patout*, and provenance of the chairs.....and I finally had my puzzle solved. In the antiques business PROVENANCE and creator is almost everything. But the value of my chairs (even without provenance) increases dramatically now that I know the designer/creator. (And I'm a very lucky girl--and grateful)  
I think that I like my chairs better-I love the slightly patinated and glove-soft vintage (not original) white leather upholstery.

*Pierre Patout was a well known and respected French Art Deco architect and designer, in addition to being a collegue and intimate friend of Ruhlman. Patout designed Ruhlman's home, in addition to many outstanding buildings during the Deco and post deco period. In 1935 Patout reached the highest level of artistic success with his design of the steam ship The Normandie.

1. Car spent one week in shop and I picked him up today......I took him for a spin to preview Thursday's auction and he's NOT fixed. I almost cried, but decided that was wasted emotion........
2. Kimono arrived--not going to work for pillows. That is just they way it is when you purchase online....sometimes it's a perfect buy; sometimes not. (But my gorgeous daughter will look amazing in it with black leggings....)
3. Roberto is busy all week and I'm stuck...I've been stuck far too long with this crazy stuff. But the Canvas is up.......worst of all, I can't sell from a disaster. I do know that God's in charge.......so I had better just let things flow.
4. Mia and Grace fly back to St. Jude's Children's at the end of the month.
5. Jones and I both need to get our hair done pronto.

Be well and stay warm you Easterners & Southerners.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary these Pierre Patout chairs are classics! I know I have seen them in an interior design book or two. Good eye, my friend!

    I hope your car is fixed up properly for you, I know how frustrating that is...

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Yes, and I do love these chairs. Thanks for the support regrading my car "issues".....I have spent so much valuable time and money trying to find a solution. Oh, welll--next!