Sunday, February 2, 2014



I can't believe that I am doing this again, but I am. I'm moving spaces at Pasadena Antiques & Design AND at The Collection. Both are positive choices, but the logistics at this point are messy at best ..... ....Car's in the shop for one---and then just moving at lot of stuff when I am constructing walls, putting up spot lighting and..........the prior people have not yet moved out! AAAAAAAYYYYYY. The photos at top show Villa Melrose's inventory yesterday (the 1st)....see what I mean.  
I'll work it through one puzzle piece at a time.


But I'm keeping my promise---just purchased a mid-20th c. Haori Kimono--Man's over-kimono. It has a few beautifully executed repairs, but I will turn it into pillows--I love the graphic and powerful essence of the design. The contrasting silk lining is also very beautiful--we'll see what I come up with. I think that the plum color is just what Pantone is calling the color of 2014??
Flavio picked up the table base fragments to lacquer and turn into lamps yesterday--and he was such a sweetheart--gave me a phenomenal price point. (He dropped a huge marble top on his foot in November and is just starting to get back into action--crushes can be worse than fractures)
Today, is SUPERBOWL Sunday. And I'm the lone protestor of this blood sport in my family. James is a football coach (lives and breathes the game); Andrew played in HS and Dao, along with her brothers, is a huge Redskins fan (we used to live in DC). I guess they will be cheering Denver? Seattle??
Have a great Super Bowl party.......

Mary & Jones & Cole

PS                IT IS RAINING--Grateful even for little 
                          bits of heavenly RAIN.


  1. Mary, you are moving shop again? Good luck and pack carefully! Too bad we didn't connect when you were in DC. Did you have an antiques business back then? The kimono is a real beauty - great idea for the pillows. Have a wonderful evening! L

  2. HI Loi, Oh, thank you (I needed that). I lived in DC for 5 years before going to Spain for 7. I love the mid-Atlantic region--the people, the land itself, the cultural depth and its closeness to NY. I almost moved back 10 years ago, but decided that I would miss my children too much. Sending love.

  3. That kimono is stunning! Right up my alley with the kimonos I wear around the house when lounging… xo

    1. Hi Honey,
      Thank you--I'm spreading my wings!

  4. Hi Mary,
    Are you moving both shops into one location? I hope you have lots of help! After my move in November, I've vowed to stay here forever! (of course who knows what the future may bring)
    The kimono is lovely!

    We have another snowstorm on its way....I will be so thrilled when Spring arrives this year!
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Yes, I have a very strong son. The construction that needs to take place is just going to have to wait.....grrrrrrrrrrrrr. But perhaps that's the way it is supposed to happen. I hate moving, but these are good moves and relatively easy I love your last post--a huge inspiration to grasp life and live it.
      xoxox Mary