Friday, February 28, 2014


I went to my Thusday Auction this week, having previewed on Tuesday and not spotting a single thing that would work for me, with a negative attitude, but a little voice was telling me to go. So I went...
I love the Barbara Barry for Baker line of furniture--updated neoclassical with Baker's fine attention to detail and MADE IN USA standards (by American craftsmen). But I have never purchased newer pieces for the shop...But this THURSDAY I made an exception. When I walked to where the auction was, there,  front and center and about to be auctioned were a near pair/associated pair of Baker chests. I have been looking for pairs of 20th c. chests for several months, but haven't had any luck--and since my last black lacquered pair will be on its way to NYC  next week, I though that I should take the plunge into newer top quality pieces. Baker pieces never loose their cache or style and Barry Barry is one of my particular current design heroes. These carefully used pieces were not cheap, but the quality and the fact that they do not need any work, makes them winners in my book.

Sorry about the size of the photos--I stole them from the Baker website. The Baker site quotes these guys at about $5000/each. Well, I think that I can do a lot better than that. This pricing differential is one of the reasons that vintage or very slightly used in great condition makes a great alternative to new--and with the internet and Google, we have access to a multitude of sales platforms--love it. The problem is how to stand out in the field---not that easy.

Then, I was about to leave.........when up popped a set of 12 (unheard of number of chairs) French ladder back rush seated chairs that probably date to the mid-20th century. Again, not as old as my usual purchases, but great chairs nonetheless. (And you know my shameful history with chairs........)

The chairs are this style--but 20th c........

Wish me luck, as I really don't have that much history selling late 20thc. furniture, but: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It has been raining non-stop for almost 24 hours, we even had a tornado advisory (no tornados showed up) and things should be looking a lot greener. We still are many inches shy of adequate rain to break this drought, but all moisture is welcome.
Have a fantastic week-end.

Jones is getting his hair done tomorrow--he will be so handsome. At the moment, I can't even see his eyes.
Be well.
Mary & Jones

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