Saturday, March 8, 2014


Today is gorgeous. Crisp and clear. It's a bit early for Spring (since we haven't had winter yet), but I will take this day and revel in it.
Tomorrow Dao (my gorgeous daughter) runs the LA Marathon for the first time. She has run many half-marathons, but never anything like what she is about to experience tomorrow. I am so proud of her! She has been training with one of her closest college friends (who now has 4 children)--both of them are tiny little things, but very tough. These races are so organized, with timing chips for each runner which means that I can watch her progress on my lap top and even send her messages that will be displayed along the route!! Yeah for technology!!!!
And about technology.......when Ebay first started up, I bemoaned the site and fought against it. Yes, those first few years saw a huge drop in my business and there was a lot of misrepresentation on the Ebay, with resultant buying insecurity. The good thing is that Ebay spawned a host of other sites that strove to improve the concept of on-line sales, and to improve internet buying and selling. I have had a website for about 10-11 years (with my first website I hardly knew how to email). I've been on many hosting sites and have had sales on all of them. Gradually, with improvements in technology and photography and a more trusting buying public, my internet sales have increased (not too much on my personal website) but on the hosting sites that I choose to be a part of.
Right now my inventory (some of it) is on (through The Collection) and on One King's Lane. When I first started with OKL about three years ago, it was not the perfect platform for my inventory as I was basically too high end for their target buyer. But in the last few months OKL has raised their sites to a higher level and they are indeed reaching the higher end buyer--and she/he is buying. Of course, 1stdibs is a fantastic platform--but more difficult to access.
I guess what I'm attempting to say is that CHANGE (as terrifying as it can be) is part of the fabric of our lives. Growth and expansion and newness are what life is based on. We have a choice every day--to either embrace the change that will occur whether we like it or not---or dig in our heels and stay stuck. (I have dug in my heels many times and still do). I'm learning to go with the flow--it's not always pretty, as you just don't know what's around the next jog in the road. But staying stuck is simply not an option.
And guess what--I'm so glad that I embraced the Internet, learned enough photography to take usually respectable photos, bought new cameras (yeah) and switched to MACs and despite being severely technologically challenged (my kids used to disparage my abilities) have managed to step up my game (still have a way to go)-----because most of my sales are happening online.
I miss the one-to-one contact with my clients tremendously. But there is really nothing I can do regarding this change in buying pattern....
Just like most of life--I'm embracing it.

Have a wonderfully glorious Saturday.
Be well.
Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Bravo, Mary! It is so true that in todays world we must be able to turn on a dime and adjust or be left behind. I agree though that the personal touch is something I miss in so many circumstances.
    Dao must be an amazing young woman! How cool to be able to track her race online!

    Enjoy this (finally for us) beautiful weather!

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    1. Hi Karena. It's another gorgeous day!!
      Be well. xoxo

  2. Way to go, Mary!! I still need to join 1st Dibs. And I still need to switch to a Mac. It's hard for us antiques folks (right?) to make these tech changes. BTW, did I tell you my mother's name is also Dao? Hope your Dao had a good marathon run!
    Bye now,

    1. Hi Loi, Such synchronicity--I love it!! Yes, go for the new stuff---antiques dealers are the worst as far as tech goes. Go for 1stdibs, it really is an asset (an expensive asset). Say hi to your "Dao"--I hope that she and your father are well.