Monday, March 31, 2014


Here is the abattant before going out for her facelift. Pretty, but a little boring...

And now just look at her. She still needs her escutcheons (lock back plates) and her toe caps, but she's almost done. Flavio didn't want to lacquer the case because in the 18th c. pieces would be "ebonized", a technique that involves staining the wood and then applying a French polish over the stain. The abattant will look much better once I find the appropriate bronze fittings.

Not too shabby. I think Flavio forgot that I had wanted an ivory interior?? But what's done is done and she's looking good.
The large panels have finally been installed across the back wall and the sconces are up

Our moving and shaking seems to have subsided and now we are left with the knowledge that the fault that runs from La Habra directly under Los Angeles has the potential to release a very large earthquake that would be even more devastating than a San Andreas quake........Oh well, I'll think about that tomorrow.

Sending blessings for the coming week.
Mary & Jones & Cole 


  1. The secretary is gorgeous in all of her ebonized beauty, Mary! Flavio works wonders!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena.....Thank you. Hope that you are having a wonderful Spring day.
      xoxo Mary