Saturday, June 7, 2014

I'M BACK.........

The second space is finally shaping up--I painted the walls a muddy, masculine gray. At first I was disappointed with the color, but with things hung and lamps lit--it's not too bad. Once I get the overhead lighting installed--changing from cold light to warm light it should be just about right.

May was a tough month: nothing seemed to flow (except for Mia's fantastic news) and there were so many unnecessary hurdles to climb over.  I have had to get a new restorer to redo most of the work of the last guy--time consuming and expensive and very frustrating.....well, I think I'll turn the page on that misadventure.

Yep, some of my new Fortuny pillows were ready when I popped in to give Pam 2 antique Japanese Obis for pillows (new experiment in pillow design).
These are just inventory photos--I'll shoot some better ones in a couple of days.

FIRST UP are the two pillows that I created with the mint c. 1920's Fortuny textile

In my opinion, there is nothing quite like the very early Fortuny fabrics--the handblocked design is rustic, but very sophisticated (the blocking is a negative--the light color is blocked on to the blue). I decided to make generous pillows--the Fortuny textile was very pricey and I was tempted to stretch it for three pillows--but they just didn't look right. And I chose a high-end silk strie for the backing. Not the usual "safe" plain silk option. I love the original Fortuny border on the edges of the pillows.

NEXT UP is another pair of antique Fortuny pillows fabricated with a textile designed and created by Mariano Fortuny in the early 1930's.

This fabric was woven on a small 28" inch loom which is a good indication of the age of the fabric. The pattern is an early version of "Peruano"--I love the unique color way with that "pure 1930's" green. I made one pair with a high-end green silk backing and a single with a complementary raw silk backing and welt.

LAST UP is a pair of c. 1960's "Campanile" pattern vintage Fortuny pillows in a peachy tone with silvery-gold. 

I love this very busy and happy vintage Fortuny pattern. It is still being made today, but new Fortuny is just not the same as the Fortuny textiles that were created during the life times of Mariano and subsequently his wife, Henriette, up until about the mid-1960's.

Pam still has a couple of pairs of vintage Fortuny pillows in the works, plus the 2 pairs of Obi pillows that I just ordered.

Well, we are starting the second week of June and I've had a few good One King's Lane and 1stdibs sales; so I do think things are looking up! Today a young couple came in who had bought several things from me about 3 years ago---I was so honored--they made the effort to find me at my new location and said I was the first person they had tought of when deciding to look for additional decorative elements.

Sending June and early summer blessings--it looks like we are going to have an "El Nino" year here in CA starting late summer--we need the rain so desperately. 

Be well.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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