Friday, June 13, 2014


The last couple of months have been a stretch of climbing many of the lessons were ones that I thought I had already learned (silly me). Fortunately, I've come to the point where I know that these mountains will be climbed and conquered--but that knot in my stomach tells me I still have many steps to go before I reach the point where I'm engaged in life--no matter the circumstances.
When I was talking with my dearest of dear friends, Angie of Bonita Interiors, she said a few words that hit me like lightning. She said: "I'm going to power through this......" Yep, POWER THROUGH. In the past I would have interpreted this to mean take control, micro-manage all the details, stand up and yell, etc. But what came to mind is that I can be in my own power, asking for help when needed--I'm super independent--without feeling out of control, I can allow situations to flourish trusting that the solution will arrive and that help is really on the way as I know that we are all connected in some miraculous fashion. (I DO NOT MEAN LIE DOWN AND DO NOTHING! Which I have tried and have ascertained many times the ineffectiveness of this strategy) Above all, I can stand.
I've written about my restoration disaster(s) regarding Flavio--I trusted him to do what he said and I MESSED UP BIG TIME (notice that I did not say F*******up). I trusted him; did not go over his work on the credenza because his prior restorations had been perfect. What's more-- I paid him. The result was the hit-and-miss (cra****) restoration of several pieces that had to be PERFECT. And he refused to make them right. Not only that, I have about $25,000 of poorly restored inventory that is unsaleable and I keep a very tight small shop. Here's just a few of the problems on the credenza

From a short distance, it looked great

Yesterday, while talking to Bill (he called me) (who had referred Flavio to me) about internet promotions, I just mentioned what a terrible job Flavio had done on my pieces (not asking for help just updating Bill in case he made any other referrals)--Bill is a very big and influential antiques dealer here in Los Angeles and Flavio has worked for him for 20 years....
Bill told me to tell Flavio that if he "didn't make it right, Bill would give no further referals and that he would not call Flavio in the future.....WELL, boy did that message light a fire....Mind you, I had already gotten a quote and scheduled the piece to be redone ($600 for just the drawer fronts and drawers) plus another $400 for the other pieces......Ayyyyyy.
Anyway, Flavio is supposedly going to shop today (of course, I can't make it today so we'll have to communicate by phone)... 
Lesson Learned: Unexpected help did show up, plus I had to let go of my control issues (anger, frustration and fear).
Lesson Relearned: Check everything out from top to bottom. (Make No Assumptions --from "The Four Agreements")
I have quite a few more Mountains to "Power Through" and/or over on my plate......I wonder what serendipitous (dont' you just love Spell Check?) help or inspiration will arrive on the scene next.
Anyway, I'm powering through and STANDING ....knowing that all is well.

Have a fantastic week-end and Father's Day. We are having a fantastically cool month of June. It's just about 75* with sun & soft whispy clouds --just like the East Coast.

Be well,

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary first thank you for your recent words of encouragement and understanding. Second I am amazed by your strength and handling of the situation with Flavio.. He always did such great work, which is one's reputation and livelihood. So I hope he makes it right!!

  2. Yes, let's hope! We'll see what today brings.
    xoxox Mary

  3. I can relate so well, Mary. It's frustrating because I am very loyal to my restorers, upholsterers, etc. Yet I can't trust them 100%....always have to inspect EVERYTHING!!! Good luck with Flavio. I'm taking a little time off so I can spend with my mom, who is not doing well. Take care!

    1. Hi Loi,
      Thank you!! This makes me feel so much better. Sending love and prayers to you and your Mom. Hope that your presence will raise her spirits. xoxo Mary