Friday, June 20, 2014


My history of photographic skills has been riddled with husband took all of the photos of my (now adult children)---they would issue enormous wails of protest that he took soooooo long going for the perfect shot that had to be perfectly focused. I didn't take any photos at all for many many years...... I felt so incompetent that I developed a complex about taking photos. Well, that changed with the advent of internet shopping and my posting photos to my site as well as to many others--I purchased a good camera and at least could snap some photos that were barely passable. Then, that camera was I bought another camera--this time, a point and shoot. That camera was stolen; so I bought a Canon Point and shoot. That little camera was (still is) really  pretty good and my photos improved. But now I have a great camera and look what I have learned to do.
Not that shabby (yes, I'm tooting my horn....)
Here are photos of a pair of alabaster sconces that I took yesterday. These sconces are very large with a width of 24" and are in the style of the famous French Deco masters Sue et Mare.


Compared to photos of the same sconces that I took a few months ago with my old little Canon:

Of course, the lighting is much improved in yesterday's photos...but I do think that I am moving along in my skill level.
I'm posting these photos of a superb Antoni Calve intaglio lithograph to 1stdibs (The Collection) next week and they are much better than the original photos that I took in September or October......
These photos were a challenge because of all of the black and the resultant light reflections--I still have a bit of reflection along the left side. I was able to capture quite a bit of the intaglio and the shading of the impression.

Below is a photo that I took of the Clave lithograph when I first bought it.......... I am pretty amazed at the improvement...

Now, I guess that the next thing I need to do is purchase back lighting and background? Maybe I should take some Photo Shop classes? Here are a couple other photos from last week that I took of interesting Japanese items belonging to other dealers.

The hand hammered sterling contemporary Japanese vessel is so incredibly beautiful, with a purity of spirit.
And the photo isn't too bad.
I could have done a little better with the Imari bowl...I'm realizing it's hard to photograph a curve.....hmmmmm.
We have had the most glorious June--sunny and cool--perfect sleeping weather. I hope that this holds through til the end of summer when EL NINO is supposed to arrive bringing us the blessings of rain.
Have a wonderful week-end!

Be well,
Mary & Jones & Cole
(Jones and I are going to babysite Mr. Cole tonight)


  1. Those sconces are stunning! I can imagine them illuminated - beautiful! Great photos, Mary.

    1. Hi Loi, Thank you. Thank you!! What do you think of the Clave Litho--I love him! Such positive energy. Have a super Sunday. xoxox Mary

  2. Amazing!! Will you ever share what your new camera is? I have a pretty good camera, I just need to learn how to use it!

    1. Hi Katie, I just went to your site---are those POODLE PUPPIES? If they or he/she is, you are in for a fantastic time! Jones is now 8 and still a puppy (he likes cat poop best). Anyway, my new camera is a Canon T3 Rebel and I love it. But my point & shoot Canon is better for tight close-ups. I guess my determination to overcome my self-imposed limitations has a lot to do with the improvement. I also use a filter when taking the indoor shots--helps with the light refraction issues. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Dearest Mary,truly amazing shots, I have been practicing as well,what a difference!! Talk soon. ...

    1. Hi Karena, Yep, I think it's practice and my current decision to not go passive with technology........and boy am I challenged in that area. Have a super week-end.
      xoxox Mary

  4. Oh and that hammered silver Japanese vessel, it is a definite wow!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. I know!!! I wish that it were mine.
      xoxo Mary