Thursday, August 28, 2014



Sometimes, but not that often, a great item just appears and I know instinctively that it is meant for me. This great table belonged to a dealer in the same building in which I am I called her for her best price.......Norma: "But there is a pair of them!!!!!!" A pair.....amazing. Norma hasn't gotten back to me with her pricing, but these two guys are going home with me.
The tables are in the style Gilbert Poillerat (1902-1988), a master iron artist who worked with Edgar Brandt for 8 years prior to establishing his own company. The iron work doesn't seem quite up to Poillerat quality, but the tables are certainly French in origin with the gold leaf detailing and form definitely in Poillerat's spirit.


From the photos it appears that the top surface is black opaline, but in reality the surface is highly polished and beveled black granite. I love the detailed iron bezel surrounding the granite tops. Although the tables have a 50's-mid-century feel, I think that they most probably date to the 1970s--still within the lifetime of Poillerat---(maybe??).

Update to Last Week's Addiction Day (as in AUCTION)
My little English Regency Sycamore Pembroke Table was not a sleeper; so she went to a dealer who specializes in Period English Furniture. However, there were more than a couple of other sleepers:
Pair of *ROSEWOOD* English Regency Klismos (my absolute favorite form of chair) side chairs... (they are going out Saturday for new ivory Suzanne Kessler linen upholstery).

A sweet Period Provincial Louis XV pear wood (?) Coiffeuse in excellent condition...

And a few other goodies.

I have been practicing staying in the flow. Disciplining my brain to be open to what is happening in the moment and not limiting myself to what my small brain can envision or expect. This is hard work for a perfectionist/former control freak.....but I have been able to set aside my limiting beliefs and just be for the past week or so.....and life is definitely flowing along. Now, the question is whether I'll be able to maintain this discipline? I do know that when I'm up early, with plenty of time to just be and allow myself (sometimes force myself) into meditation and prayer, life is eminently richer.
Tomorrow is, once again, Auction Day. I didn't preview--so I'll just have to see what pops up (or doesn't). I'm also picking up Fortuny pillows (and hopefully antique Obi pillows) from Pam tomorrow and that is always a very large chunk of change....we'll see.

This week is a scorcher--typical for end of August/early September for us. But we need rain so desperately--please send a few prayers for rain our way.
Jones is going to the Spa on Saturday--have to keep my handsome boy cool.

Be well.
Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Hi Mary,
    Love the Klismos chairs and the Poillerat tables are very cool! Very striking!!
    I am hoping to go home from rehab Saturday, fingers crossed!
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Loi, Well, the tables are actually going to my location on La Cienega--I'll post better photos in a couple of days. xoxox Mary

  2. Please show us the pair of tables in situ - they will be gorgeous in your home. Enjoy the auction and happy bidding!! xo

    1. Hi Loi, I wish I could take these guys home, but they'll be going to The Collection, my La Cienega location on Monday. I do love them. Have a wonderful end-of-summer week-end.
      xoxo Mary

  3. "Poillerat" tables are Global Views circa 2010.... used to order lots of em back in the day....

    1. Oh!! Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. Mary

    2. Oh!! Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. Mary