Sunday, August 3, 2014



Last Monday we celebrated Mia's progress with another huge blessing.......The Make-A-Wish Foundation is sponsoring Mia's entire family on a 10-day vacation to The Disneyland Resort in Hawaii....The "Reveal" was Monday. For "The Girls" this was a huge surprise--and tons of excitement.

This has been a year of tremendous uncertainty and huge ups and downs regarding Mia's prognosis. Last year at exactly this time we were scrambling to find space at a Proton Radiation Center--and then the Gates of Heaven opened when Mia was admitted to a St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Tennessee Proton Radiation study. Poor little one then had a second major brain surgery, followed by almost two months of Proton Radiation sessions. In January Mia was once more scheduled for surgery...but once again, miracles started appearing, and the tumor and cyst started to disappear just prior to the scheduled surgery.
We now have had several months of remarkable healing. Mia's eyesight is coming back; her coordination is immensely improved; she's on schedule for mainstream preschool and many, many points of healing. I am incredibly grateful to all who prayed and kept Mia in their hearts. 
When Make-A-Wish interviewed Mia and family in January, we did not know if we would have this miraculous outcome. Everything seemed so tenuous. So now to send a completely healthy family off to Hawaii, not only Hawaii, but DISNEYLAND, for ten days......
Here are a few shots from the Hawaii Send-Off

Mia & Fam. with Make-A-Wish Volunteers

Mia with Auntie Dao

Mia with Uncle Josh

The Girls with Hula Dancer--she was pretty cute.

This is the big moment (I wish all of the screaming that went on had made it into the photo)--the best part for Kaia and Lauren is that a LIMO is going to escort them to the airport!!!

I love this photo of Mia and the Hula Dancer--Mia has been taking Hula Classes this summer...

I really didn't intend to be away so long--many obstacles to overcome and then a huge summer cold and bronchitis....I'm better.
I have still been on the hunt.....This Alabaster Urn/Lamp was a little gift just dropped in my lap. I love transluscent white alabaster-- at first glance it seems to have not much character. The moment a light is shone upon it, the stone opens up to reveal its depth and beauty. Just like us--that little act of listening and paying attention to another brings the blessings of connection, of love and friendship.

Jones Update
Mr. Jones celebrated his 8th birthday. I can't believe that my guy and constant companion is inching up there (I guess I am, too--but Shushhh). People think he's two or three when he's running at The Park--I guess my cooking for The Dude has paid off.

Mini and Jones are buddies--except for when Jones defends Maddy from Mini--then he is the sheriff.

Wishing the best for a fantastically cool and rainy summer in California. We had a much needed (and highly unusual) gentle rain for much of last night. The morning was gloriously fresh and clean.  Prayers for a good El Nino event this fall and winter are needed--the draught has reached dangerous levels.


Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Oh Mary I am so thrilled for your family and Mia that Make a Wish Foundation is sending them off on this dream trip. It does seem like even in the midst of our challenges, these miracles occur unexpectedly! Thank you for sharing my friend!

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  2. Hi Karena, Yes, right in the midst of it all. Sending love and prayers for surgery next week!