Thursday, August 7, 2014


Today is THURSDAY--and we know what that means: AUCTION DAY. I've been a bit, actually majorly under the weather; so it was great to actually feel good enough to make it to auction and have some play money in my pockets. Jones and I had previewed very quickly on Wednesday and we had only seen one item that was calling me (but only slightly). (Jones LOVES to go to auction to preview-he even knows which exit from the freeway leads to the auction house). So today, I arrived late. I mentioned to a good friend that I wanted to bid on a pair of bouillottes--of course, he did, too. So we decided to share the bouillottes if we got the bid. I expected that we would have to pay about $1000 for the lamps. But the stars must have been shining on us and we won them at an unbelievably low bid--I don't know what happened, nobody seemed to see that beneath the grime and tarnish was a gorgeous pair of late 19thc. (hopefully gilt) bronze pair of very frou-frou French bouillotte lamps with the most gorgeous large finely detailed flame finials. The photo below is of a Louis XV bouillotte, but not nearly as beautiful as the pair we bought. Of course, the bouillottes need extensive cleaning and new electrical fittings, but still..... I felt really lucky. 

Today, I stayed late as I had spied a period Louis XV Transitional marquetry Secretaire a Abattant. Louis Xv and fussy marquetry is not my usual style--I much prefer Louis XVI and gorgeous unadorned figured woods. But I'm stepping outside my comfort zone. I've been thinking of Howard Slatkin's book and relishing all of the beautiful rococo details. Southern California, at the moment, is not in a Louis XV mood, but thanks to the internet--the rest of the world is just a few clicks away. (I forgot to take photos before I left today--so I pulled this example from 1stdibs--it is much finer than the one I bought, but it is a good representation).  
The auctioneer started the bid at $500, and received no bids. He kept going down and I opened the bidding at $200---and I almost had the abattant at $350. But I did finally pull it in at a super low bid. It's a pretty little abattant and I won't need to do much restoration work--hopefully, the keys are in the office.

I guess that today was my day.

Mia and family are in Hawaii awaiting the pair of hurricanes.......I'm sure that everything will be just fine at the Disney Resort!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week-end.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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  1. Mary, I am so glad you were able to go to the auction and find these fine pieces ( and at great prices)!
    I know your family is having the time of their life!

    The Arts by Karena