Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I want this tree sooooooo badly. I previewed Thursday's auction today (getting back into the swing of things). This brass banana tree is life sized and amazing! It will sell for an enormous amount of money and I'm going to be there to watch it hit the block. I've seen a few of these mid-century beauties, but never one as perfect as this one......my camels would look fantastic posing under it.

I hope that this lamp is a sleeper. I think it is a late 19th c. mirror black chinese porcelain. Hopefully, the Chinese buyers will dismiss the piece because it has been drilled.......you just never know. Chinese mirror black porcelains are quite uncommon and very desirable. I love the modified pumplin/gourd form of the vase, and it is quite large. The green lamp in the background isn't bad either.
But what I really have my sites on is this very large period Regency c. 1810-20 folding butler's serving table. I've never seen one this size--wouldn't it make a super sofa table or entrance hall piece--best of all it doesn't need any restoration work.

Note the reeded edges and fantastic hand made brass hinges. I think this folding table measures about 48" wide by 25 deep. THIS WILL DEFINITELY BE MY SLEEPER OF THE DAY.
Next up is something I need to display my pillows at The Collection. This beautiful etagere is in the regency or Jansen style and was created with brass and mahogany in the first part of the 20th c. Note the beautiful detailing--the Fortunies are calling for it.

And, finally, this pair of smaller Chinese porcelain lamps is pretty cute.

Well, wish me luck........especially that Butler's Folding Table (and I need some tables).

Just a quick note. My heart is sad over the loss of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall--both Icons of the 20th century.

Be well.
Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary, these are all real beauties and I hope you come home with some or all of them!
    It is so sad to lose someone like Robin Williams in this way, he was such a gift.
    Today is the day so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Hi Karena, Yes, you are in my prayers. You are totally surrounded with light!!
    xoxoxoxox Mary

  3. Hello! I was doing a general search about brass banana trees and came upon your blog. I've recently acquired two of the trees that you have a photo of, in your blog. For some reason, the previous owner of my trees had them professionally painted yellow. My question to you is: would you happen to know the value of these trees and also, are they worth less due to them being painted? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Richard

    1. Hi Richard,
      The tree should be stripped down to its original brass. The yellow paint reduces the value considerably. Congratulations on the trees!! You might be able to have them stripped at a body shop?? But the fine work you would probably have to do yourself. Good luck.

  4. Hello Mary! Thank you very much for your help regarding the banana trees! I'll look into getting the paint chemically removed at an auto body shop. I recently saw one for sale at 1stdibs dot com and the dealer was asking $7,800. I had no idea of their potential worth. Wow! I paid less than $100 each. They are a very unique addition to our home.

    1. Congratulations!! I love these guys. Mary