Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Roberto brought this little beauty upstairs today. It's prettier than I remembered. The beautiful tulipwood, rosewood, satinwood and pear stringing add just the right amount of detail. (I would prefer a more simple design, but this works) Unfortunately, the original keys are missing; so it will be a small adventure to have new ones made--I'm going to see Carlos tomorrow. Roberto removed the lock from the drawer and hopefully the key will work for both the drawer and the fall front--otherwise, I'll have to load the entire piece back into the explorer (and this GUY is HEAVY) and take it to Carlos.
Note the beautiful (and unbroken) original French "liver" marble top:

Here are a couple of photos of the pair of Art Nouveau period Louis XV-style bouillotte lamps. I'm just starting to clean and very lightly polish the patinated bronze--I'm very fussy regarding the cleaning: if you over clean/polish the patina is damaged and that is a huge no-no. I still haven't gotten to the finials and they will be the most troublesome.

I can't believe that I'm becoming so frou-frou--it is all Howard Slatkin's fault........

Wish me luck tomorrow--you just never know what will land in my lap.

Mia and family are back from their Make-A-Wish trip to Hawaii--they really dodged the bullet with the two hurricanes just missing the Islands while they were there. Needless to say, they had a fantastic time. Thank you to all of the many Make-A-Wish volunteers and benefactors that make so many wishes come true.

Be well.
Mary & Jones & Cole

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