Thursday, August 14, 2014


We have had the most glorious cool and fresh few days--the forecast was for hot and steamy--but we have had the gift of sweet breezes and slightly overcast skies. I hadn't really noticed until this morning.......
So to honor this sweet August gift, this morning I took stock of what would truly give me joy today. And it is not going to Auction Thursday! Do I need another object, piece of furniture or whatever? No. Yes, I'll miss connecting with friends, but they will be there next week. Today I intend to treasure.

Jones and I will make the trip to LA to visit Carlos

and hopefully resolved the abattant key issue. I love connecting with Carlos who has been a faithful friend for many years.

Perhaps we will pay a visit to Pam

to take her fabric for more Scalamandre "Le Tigre" silk velvet pillows and silk backing for another pair of Fortuny pillows. I love spending time with Pam whose sweet yet strong spirit always seems to nudge me in just the right creative direction.

Maybe Jones and I will stop off at Dao's (just around the corner from Pam) to visit with THE GIRLS

who are having a sleep over with Auntie Dao. I can't believe how much they have grown (and how many things we are all grateful for since this photo was taken last year)--Ethan is now a sophomore and in all AP classes....Lauren has many new teeth and Ms. Kaia has lost one tooth! Of course, Mia is our little miracle.
Yep, taking time to intentionally be just me for today.

Thanks for bearing with me.
Here's to a glorious end-of-summer August Day for all of us.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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  1. I love the pillows and love the blue pops of color with the jars. So sweet and you definitely caught the feel of summer in your vignette.
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