Thursday, September 4, 2014


It's early and perfect. The birds are just beginning to rise and I'm waiting for our flock of very noisy green parrots to complete their morning fly-by. 
Out my office window, enthroned in my neighbor's side yard, is the most beautifully generous navel orange tree. It's fruit is slightly-sour sweet. 

This old tree--maybe 50 to 60 years old has seen and given much. This spring it bloomed gloriously and I envisioned the fruit that would ripen in the fall. Right now the tree is heavy with still-green oranges. It hasn't worried about the drought nor the fact that it is getting only minimal amounts of water...this amazing tree just keeps doing what it was intended to do since the day it was planted: bear fruit.
Note to me: just keep on doing what you were intended to do and the fruit will appear and ripen.
Happy Friday,

To the left side of orange tree is an over-grown (in some opinions) glorious (in other's perception) red-tinged pink bougainvillea that has probably been the orange tree's companion since they both were planted.

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