Wednesday, September 10, 2014


These were sleepers last week--I just can't pass up lanterns. These guys are in an 18th/early 19th c. form and were really dirty when I bid on them and I was pretty sure that they were made of lowly tin. Roberto cleaned them (once cleaned, we discovered faux hand-rolled glass--a very expensive detail) and hung them on Monday. Both Roberto and I know the difference between tin and copper (hint: look at the oxidation at the bottom of the right lantern), but I guess we just couldn't believe these guys were anything but tin.

Lately, I've been practicing staying in the moment and appreciating details; so when I was editing these photos, that verdi gris patina started talking to me. When I get to work, I'll really check out the lanterns, but I'm pretty sure that they are copper--sweet gift to me. And the wiring is Under Writer Laboratories' certified. So the sconces are set to go--I'll have Lupe come in to test the wiring, but I'm pretty sure it's all fine.
Once again, the generousity of life is providing the details. I bought another pair of lanterns....these are getting new glass panels and are with the glass installer. Light and bright into all corners.

IT RAINED FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES ON MONDAY--A SUPER SOAKER. We need a lot more of that, but I'll take whatever is sent.

Have a great week.
Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary these must be copper and how gorgeous, just a perfect classic style.
    We have gotten some rain also, which is so appreciated in the heat of Indian Summer!
    I still must check out the Deepak Chopra Classes, I do think they would be very good in my healing period!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Those are so handsome, Mary. And how wonderful to have a set of four! Cheers~

  3. Hi Loi, Well, I just checked the boys--I think that it's an applied patina, but I still love the lanterns.
    Have a super day. Mary

    1. Hi Loi, Well, I had a metal guy check out the lanterns........and yep, they are copper. I love it when a plan comes together. Mary