Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I've been quiet this week. I'm still a bit concerned over Jones' ears. They are gradually getting better, but it's back to the vet on Friday. We'll see. Maybe acupuncture?

Anyway.......I did preview at My AUCTION today and there are several things that are coming up that I have my eye on. (The vargueno is long forgotten and it's the new sparkles that are calling--I know, I'm fickle)
I sold my set of 6 Pierre Patout dining chairs last week and just look at this set of 8 mid-century Italian babies

I like the exagerated crests and the leather is in fairly good condition (read: not too much restoration needed). Sets of 8 chairs are hard to find...we'll see what happens. (Actually, I sold 10 chairs last week; so I'm allowed to replace them)

I love these mirrored frames. I have some art work that would look great in them......the wide antiqued mirrored pannels are stunning and the frames are big!

There is this really large (but new) round mirror

The molding is in a 17th c. Dutch or Italian style--it would look stunning over a modern lacquered credenza or buffet........
Which leads me to this mid-century Monteverdi-Young buffet or credenza......I neglected to take a photo of the entire piece as I wanted detail shots to compare the craftmanship with other Monteverdi-Young pieces. I know that the photo is awful, but this is the piece that I'm eyeing very closely. It is unique, the workmanship is top notch and it is definitely not boring.

And then there is this mid-century Danish style credenza/buffet--this piece is a "seller" but very boring....

And finally, there is this beautiful nude done in water colors, pencil and crayon. 

I really want her, but have not had much luck with my art lately. This is a very large piece......we'll see.

But I need to save my pennies....I just learned TODAY that my location on La Cienega will be closing on February 28!! I really did not expect this as I am doing very well there and I just expanded last month. (You would think that they would have told me BEFORE I took more space and had Roberto move me in ($$$$) and I'm pretty sure the owner knew that this was in the works)
But not to worry--my little brain has ideas and plans on the back burner. 
Blessings to all-----wish me luck.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. You have some great finds to consider here Mary, gorgeous really!! Those chairs, the Monteverdi-Young credenza! Another move! That is unreal I know you will find another great locale though!
    Thinking of Jones!!

    French Artist Frederique Chemin

    1. Hi Karena, I'm a bit curious to see what opens up. I'm sure that I simply have to knock on the right door. HAVE A SUPER DAY!! xoxo Mary