Monday, February 2, 2015


I love just about everything that covers the basics of great design and fabrication. Those timeless pieces that you just can't seem to get out of your mind. 

Monteverdi-Young was a fine furniture manufacturer founded by Anglelo Monteverdi and originally located on Alameda Street in downtown Los Angeles (I blogged about this company in a previous post). Monteverdi-Young was recognized for its modernist designs and attention to detail. Additionally, the company received awards from the Institute of Architects, Pacific Design Center and the Design Journal, furnishing offices around the world for an international commercial clientelle that included Hilton Hotel Corp., Hughes Aircraft, GTC, MGM and Warner Bros. studios and the Coca-Cola Co. It's residential pieces can be found in many contemporary celebrity homes. 
That said......I bought a set of six of the above Monteverdi-Young chairs and the dining table and the side board that went with the chairs. I should have taken photos of the pieces, but here are similar pieces taken from 1stdibs----

My table is the same design as this baby, but much smaller. I love the "spider legs" and beautifully inlaid top. Unfortunately, the original leaves have taken a separate path, but my fabricator can create two new leaves which I will lacquer in black? dark chocolate?. I won't even try to match the original finish which is still in very good condition.
My chairs are in overall good condition but badly in need of reupholstery. The more momentous decision is whether to refinish the chairs??? They have acquired a slight greenish tinge (it could be intentional). Lime green/avocado green is still hot, right??
And finally, the sideboard (and my very awful pre-view photos)

Most of the original surface is in very good condition, but the top and side have some sun and water damage to only the finish. So I'll have my restorer refinish the top and sides only as the piece is originally multi-tonal and the partial restoration will not be a detraction. Maybe lacquer the top in black or dark chocolate like the new leaves??

Jones isn't much better. We're trying out some new things......But he loves being back at THE PARK with his friends.

February is going to be a super busy month......many changes and many returns. I'm curious as to how all this will work out.

Blessings for the week.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary what a cool dining room set for just the perfect space. I can't wait to see the sideboard finished! I can definitely picture this in a celebrity home. The chair covers look orange to me; maybe let the new owner or their designer choose new upholstery.

    Happy that Jones can get out to the park. Snow here!!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Oh, that photos of the chairs was snatched from 1stdibs. My chairs are identical except that the upholstery is not original and needs to be changed PDQ. Have a wonderful week> xoxoxo Mary

  2. Congrats on your MCM pieces!! I don't know much about the furnishings from this period, so I always enjoy learning from you, Mary. Is MCM very much in demand on the west coast?

    Happy Jones is back to the park - he must be so happy to sniff around.


    1. Hi Loi, OH YES! Mid-Century is still very hot almost everywhere. But, as with most items, they should be made by recognized manufacturers and of very good quality. Please keep praying for Jones--the infection is a super bad bug......
      xoxoxo Mary