Saturday, February 7, 2015


This is one of those months where I get to practice my ability to trust and just walk, knowing that all is well even though totally out of my control.
Last year was one of those years you just want to close the door on.......The first of January I decided to exercise my option to return to The Pasadena Antique Center. The situation at my current location had become untenable for many many reasons (I won't go into melodramatic and energy-zapping details). I knew that I had one location move in the works for February---and a move down the street is just as detailed as a cross-country move minus the driving (and I still have Roberto as my wing man and angel). I did not anticipate moving both of my locations in February........And loosing my access to Little did I know that God had other plans and that everything was already in place for me to step into. The action of knocking on that next door is not always an easy one. Paul of Little Paris Antiques--the only other high-end collective in Los Angeles and also a 1stdibs dealer gave me the only available spot (actually there wasn't an available spot--but some way or another things came together). I did have to swallow my pride as Paul and I had a disagreement a few years back....Oh, yes! that damn EGO gets me in trouble every time.

You would think that I would not buy any more of anything with the moving issues, but a dealer's addiction is never really under control. AND I DID SUPER WELL THIS WEEK. My new motto is:
  "Assume the lion's heart so as to embrace
          the serpent's transformation"
(hint: Google the symbolic meanings) 

I had previewed "My Auction" on Wednesday so I suspected that there just might be a few "sleepers" even though I knew there would be a lot of buyers this particular week.
AND just look what happens when I put on courage

This is a pair of late 19th c. (perhaps early 20th c.) Chinese bamboo oxbow chairs and I think that they are to die for (not those pink silk velvet cushions). I picked them up today and Roberto put them in my new spot. I'm not open for business; so they were simply hiding in the back while Roberto installs the lighting and paints the floor. AND THEY ARE SOLD. A designer client called me and said that she wanted them--just like that!! As you can imagine these moves are gobbling up cash like binging termites and any sale is more than welcome. And a sale before the ink dries on the check.....
Next up, continuing my chair addiction.....and I have bought 14 chairs in the last two auctions.......

This is an amazing set of 6 French late 19th c. or early 20th c. bamboo and caned folding chairs. And they are all in super great condition. This particular style of French folding chair becomes fragile with time as the bamboo tends to split and loosen; so to find this many in very good condition is a once-in-a lifetime occurrence. Luckily for me, they were all folded up until they came to the block. There was only one person bidding against me and I brought them home!! Courtney might buy these guys also.

I guess that I was on a bamboo-roll.....

This charming late French Napoleon III bamboo and lacquer etagere with magazine/book rack appeared on my bill (I wonder how?). These guys used to go for lots of money, but they are out of favor right now. The condition of the French lacquer panel is exceptional and it is very sturdy. As with the bamboo chairs, these pieces usually become rickety. But not this petite gem.

Today Roberto and I (read: Roberto. Mary held the ladder and acted as assistant) installed track lighting and painted the floor. I did not want the usual floor (boring and it becomes so scratched when moving furniture about). Look what we did

Once this dried, I had Roberto make a few sweeping passes in abstract arcs and swipes. It's our graffiti floor...... I have some seagrass rugs to put on top.....not too sure what it will look like with the furniture on top. I'm sure that I will get a thousands comments. We'll see; at least it's not boring.

JONES UPDATE. The culture came back from the lab......this is a very very bad bacteria with no known antibiotics that will kill it. That said, iodine does work. So I get to squirt 1/2 teaspoon of Betadine into each ear twice a day. We are not happy campers. I think that there is some improvement, but not with the vertigo.....I'm taking it day by day and trusting that all will be well.

Blessings for the week-end.
Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary!! Well you do know how much I love bamboo, amazing finds!! And the fast sale of the two that are my favorite! You have had quite a couple of years and I support you in your courage, your resilience, and continuous quest for beauty to share with the world!

    I am so sorry about Jones, I know you are giving him love beyond!

    The Arts by Karena New Feature

    1. Hi Karena, Got'a go for it. I do think Jones is better, but this has been a very long battle and it's not over yet.... xoxoxo Mary