Friday, February 20, 2015


It's been too long! Last week's move went off perfectly. Naturally there were the usual imperfections, but Roberto came through (as always). There is still more than plenty of organizing to do........some walls need to be painted; paintings hung; boxes moved out; cases filled. BUT IT'S GETTING THERE.
Now I'm focusing on the next move to "Little Paris". I'm staying in West Hollywood--although much smaller in scope, it's a bit more complicated logistically. But things are all lined up.
Today some one asked me what my buying criteria was.  I really had to stop and think. This simple question made me go a little deeper. I guess that I'm becoming much more simplistic or maybe things are becoming clearer. I'm finally making choices--both in life and in business--based on only a couple of criteria: Does this choice give life and allow me the freedom to grow.  It sounds so easy. And it is. There just seems to be a certain light around the people and things that I'm drawn to (and love). And I'm finally paying attention.
I've been on a lighting binge. I think this is dovetailing with my desire to bring life forward and overcome some of my hesitation with adventuring into new territory.
Last week I bought the most amazing pair of mid-century white pottery lamps. Now when you think of "white pottery", adventurous isn't exactly a term that pops up.......but these guys are about 55" tall (that's almost as tall as I am). They are so sculptural--the form is a traditional Chinese vase form, but the size just screams.
And today I bought another pair of white lamps--white alabaster lamps. Doesn't sound too exciting right?? But just a moment.......they are carved in flame form and date to the late 1940s-50s. Lobel Modern in NYC lists an almost identical single lamp on their site on 1stdibs from where I stole this image (not a very good photo). I love the movement and power in the carved alabaster.

I think that my lamps might have a bit more movement than this example. I'll take good photos when I get to work on Saturday. My friend David is coming to help me get organized.....we'll see how far we get as we usually just end up talking and laughing.
Sales have picked up a bit--just need to hold it steady.
Jones is gradually getting better and his head is less tilted.
Mia and Grace are going to St. Jude's for a check up next week. There is always a bit of anxiety around these trips, but I'm sure that everything is just fine! Thanks for prayers and love.

Be well.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary you are making huge strides just since the start of this year !!
    I love these flame lamps, so unique and interesting!!
    Keep me posted and I am always keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena, Thank you. Yep, just moving forward. Stay warm and dry. xoxo Mary