Monday, February 23, 2015

LEAP FIRST----Seth Godin's New Book

I've mentioned Seth Godin's Blog several (many?) times. Today's post is entitled "Ruckusmaker Day". Seth's position is that each and every one of us is intended to have a point of view. A point of view that we articulate clearly each and every day.
I was raised by older upper-middle class parents and in a strict convent boarding school where the Victorian principal of children should be seen and not heard had not been forgotten. I basically did what I was told; thought what I was taught (brain washed (?) to think; tried with all my being to live up to the expectation of being a perfect person.
Obviously, that HAS NOT worked for me in a long time. But I kept trying to be that "seen and not heard" perfect little girl. 
It is impossible to create; it is impossible to connect; it is impossible to grow; it is impossible to be receptive and adaptable; it is impossible to be open to the gift of being present when you are a "seen and not heard" perfect person and it is definitely impossible to thrive in the 21st century with that antiquated Victorian mantra.

We are in a period of constant and rapid change--which, of course, means perfection (which implies permanence) is impossible. We need to adapt to envision and to survive; to connect in order to be heard and inspired; to be receptive of the present. Fear of failure and playing safe have lost their attraction. (Just look at the Crash of 2008-2009)
(I could go on for hours about the last sentence)
I admit I was dragged into the 21st century and iphone-hood (my daughter gave me one for Mother's Day) and I bless the moment it came into my life. Who knew that texting could be an amazing vehicle to connect so easily (a lot of the time I think it also is used as a substitute for true communication--but that's for another tirade). And about Istagram--a phenomenal waste of time or the best marketing tool ever? (Don't even mention Twitter with 100 ft. of me)

Today I received the ultimate compliment via text. My friend David helped me organize most of Saturday. David is a character; loving, generous, opinionated; an extremely skilled restoration specialist with encyclopedic knowledge; he is definitely old-school East Coast and an "old soul". One of a kind in so many ways. David texted: "we are both outsiders". I texted back: "Yep, I'm finally embracing it". David texted back: "I see myself in you".
What an amazing compliment to have received. To have some one acknowledge oneness and unity in the face of so many superficial differences (and to feel safe enough to express his thought). Isn't that what Christ taught? Oneness? Isn't that the way forward in the midst of immense geo-political turmoil; socio-economic imbalances that are seemingly worsening; continued attacks on women's (and all other minorities') freedom and equality... and so many other examples of injustice, discrimination and hatred.
(I know that the period is supposed to be inside the quotation mark--but I don't like it that way)

So, anyway, I'm ordering Seth's new book "Leap First" tonight. You can go to to order a copy (either in book form or as a down load). I think I'll get the real book, as much as I like my Kindle (another tech present from my AMAZING DAUGHTER--and I love it after first bitching a bit) I want to underline this book and be able to access favorite pages in my old school brain (real books are very sexy,too).  RAISE A RUCKUS.

Jones is doing better--maybe back to work on Sunday? Wish me luck on my West Hollywood move--another "Leap First" adventure.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. What a great post! Thanks for the heads up regarding the book.

  2. Your thoughts hit home Mary as I went to catholic schools and Mass every morning before school. Being the eldest of eight took on a lot of responsibility at an early age. I AM ordering Seth's book, although probably on Kindle, Ha!!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Hi Karena, We are in the age (and at the age) of tremendous transformation--if we dare. xoxo