Thursday, February 26, 2015


Today was move-in day at my new (small) location in West Hollywood. I was a dealer at "Little Paris" for several years before I moved to Pasadena in 2009. And I am happy to be back. I have so many friends in this area of Los Angeles and they are welcoming me with open arms--I'm very grateful. One of my best buddies is Carlos (Carlos Castaneda Antiques) who also co-designs my lighting-- and he came running in when he heard that I had arrived with Roberto.
It was a busy day as some of my inventory went to Little Paris and some went to Pasadena. Here are just a couple of shots of my initial set up at Little Paris--still have to bring art, the Chinese horseshoes chairs, etc.

It's looking rather bare--but it will soon fill up with details--art makes a huge difference. I took the Fortuny Pillows to Pasadena; perhaps I'll bring some over here next week.

I'm trying to come up with a point of view for today, but my brain is a little slow at the moment. But if I really dwell on the gifts of today, my point of view would be simple amazement at how easy life is becoming as I allow myself to let go of controlling all of the details. If you were to have told me a month ago that I would be returning to my old haunt, I would have said you were absolutely out of your mind!!--But here I am and almost all settled in without even a care in the world.
It's time to put the lights out--busy day and another one tomorrow.

Blessing for the day. Jones is going to a new groomer tomorrow--I think he'll feel better once he is all handsome again.

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary, You have been so open to all of the new adventures and possibilities that come your way!
    Your new spot will bring you lots of wonderful new business!
    Have a great weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Hi Karena--just puttng one foot infront of the other. Have a super week-end (with a nice warm-up). xoxo Mary