Monday, March 2, 2015


I've had an Instagram account for at least a year, but I never could find anyone to sit down patiently with me to teach me how to use it. Actually, just the vocabulary instructions, it's really not that different from blog posting, once you know what the symbols mean and the order in which you hit those symbols.
Angie and I are once again neighbors and she had some time; so we worked on my Instagram skills. And I think I get it.
So I posted some photos today and will practice some more tonight so that I do not forget. My brain simply does not work the way Instagram logic does. Oh, well, it does work my way.
Here are a couple of instagram posts--I'm still learning how to adjust the photos using the Instagram software; so patience is a virtue.

We have had the most glorious few days--clouds and rain, thunder, hail, wind and sun all mixed up. AND THE MOST AMAZING BLUE SKIES--HEAVEN!! It is supposed to clear tomorrow and I can't wait to see how low the snow line is. We need all of the snow that we can get. The San Gabriel Mountains will be stunning with the sun picking out the white peaks against the bright blue sky.
I think that my view driving to Los Angeles will look something like this (Image taken from Google).

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. So excited that you are on Instagram as well Mary!
    That skyline image is stunning!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Hi Kaena Have a wonderful "Spring is Coming" week!
    xoxo Mary

  3. Hi Mary!
    Long time no chat!! I will have to catch up with you offline. Not something for blogland.
    You are on instagram?? I need to find you!

    1. Hi Loi, Just sent you an email!! Hope that all is well. xoxo Mary