Saturday, October 3, 2015


Exactly one month plus one day post surgery.......and guess what I accomplished??? I went shopping (without help) at COSTCO!! Now we all know how enormous Costco warehouses are---AND I MADE IT THROUGH (and only forgot a couple of items). Now that is progress. I am so grateful to my surgeon that my hip surgery went so incredibly well, to my daughter for watching over me and to everyone who helped me at shop. I still have sciatica in the leg with the new hip, but it is gradually getting better.........I'm supposed to alternate ice and heating pad most of the time and I'm simply a terrible patient.

Did anyone take a look at the cover of October's House Beautiful? My antique Chinese bamboo arm chairs are right there ON THE COVER.......well, one just like mine, as I would never paint those beauties. And Nate Berkus (new hero) is on the cover of Architectural Digest. What I am noticing as I peruse (actually, it's more like study) the shelter/design magazines is that a true mix of high vs. low; polished vs. rustic; modern vs. period furniture; abstract vs. representational art is finally coming forward as the next predominant design aesthetic. I have always gravitated towards this design concept--there is so much movement to rooms with this aesthetic: they are usually happy, youthful, and creatively inspiring. I do think that when creating this type of interior it is important to combine elements that balance one another---similar scale, QUALITY, appropriateness....... otherwise, your room could look like a simple hodgepodge jumbled together--and that is not the intent at all. When in doubt, study how the French create the perfect mix.
As I blogged about in June, I made the decision to buy (for the most part) what was calling my name loudly and clearly; to focus on acquiring inventory with soul and a bit out of the ordinary.
And this is how this is working out: Basically, the unique, funky, soulful objects are selling. The items that I over-thought before acquiring are taking longer....note to self: don't think.
These are some of the items that have sold in the past few weeks since I made my decision to go for soulful items:

I finally have clarity........and a changed heart: Chairish has been a superb venue for selling on-line. One Kings Lane--has been sluggish, at best.
The other key is a grateful heart--so hard to focus on gratitude when life is giving you lemons and you simply do not feel like making lemonaide...

Wishing everyone a glorious Fall. You East Coasters please stay inside and safe and dry this week-end. It looks like parched California is going to get some rain also!!

I just purchased CARRIER & CO.'S new book--it is fantastic--the perfect mix.

Be well.

Mary & Jones & Cole 


  1. Mary I am so thrilled that you are doing so well, and a walk through Costco will certainly get your days exercise in!! Love the pieces you are featuring and selling. That iron table, so fabulous!!.
    The icing is even more important than the heat for your hip and leg, so at least try to do it in the evening or even in bed!

    The Arts by Karena
    Parish-Hadley Tree of Life

  2. Hi Karena---the table is cast bronze!!! Thanks for the advice--I know that icing is key and one thing that I ALWAYS forget. Sending love, Mary