Thursday, October 8, 2015


I want this little table sooooooooooooo badly. And it will be going to the block late in the day; so I plan to be there. It is not the type of furniture that is selling, but I simply cannot resist very old pieces of soulful furniture.
Here are a couple more quick shots:

Just look at those gorgeous feet, the thickness of the oak and it even has its original lock (but no key). Now look at the label.........

Yep, completely mislabeled. This little puppy is an original 17th c. writing desk---not even a hint of revival about it. Even the original patina and surface is intact.

I'm going to make a valiant attempt to snag this little gem. 
Wish me luck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Have a super week-end. Jones is getting his hair cut--Mr. Shaggy dog needs to be shaped up.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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