Sunday, January 31, 2016


I have taken advantage of the "Mercury in Retrograde" January to just be. I'm not completely convinced that Mercury (the planet) has any effects on business--but there is a huge correlation for me. Supposedly, Mercury-in-Retrograde has a negative effect on decision making, communications and other technologies........?? Anyway, as soon as Mercury "went back to its usual", business picked back up.
In the meantime, I've been practicing a bit on my photographic skill base (which is minimal) and I do think that I'm getting a bit more proficient. Take a look----
Pair extra large bullicante & somerso Murano fruit

These three Steuben mid-1950's art glass pieces were designed by Donald Pollard. Steuben has gone through a slow period, but it seems to be returning to favor. During the mid-century, with a change in creative direction, Steuben created some of its most beautiful pieces which were influenced by the Art Deco and Moderne aesthetics. It's clarity and refractive qualities are unparalleled. In the 1930's, Corning Glass (which had acquired Steuben) developed a new glass formulation entitled 10M which allowed the full light spectrum to flow through the glass. It is a tragedy, that this icon of American glassmaking and craftsmanship has ceased to exist. My mother had a few pieces of 1950's Steuben which I still treasure. When I lived in NYC, I loved to walk past the gorgeous Steuben Fifth Avenue showroom to experience the beauty of this art in the modernist expansive setting it was intended to inhabit.
Here are pieces that I've been practicing with:
(1) small bowl 7.75"D x 3.5H
(2) Rare footed pedestal bowl 10"D x 5"h
(3) Large pedestal bowl 13"D x 6"h

Footed Pedestal bowl in delicate and in excellent condition.

This final piece of Steuben is quite large (13" diameter), clear and sparkly and heavy.

It looks like we are going to get quite a bit of rain today. I love it, but the drive to Pasadena just might be a bit treacherous.
I haven't been on the hunt the past few weeks, however, these great, beefy 40's-50's carved oak horses just happened to walk in the door. The cerused original finish is one of the elements that made the lamps so appealing to me. I will have the lamps fitted with new brass electrical fittings and wiring and then they will be set to go. The total height once reworked will be about 30"-32", including shades. There is a small mark on the forehead of the left horse--I think Roberto can fix it. If not, then I won't worry about it.

I need to brush Jones and get him ready for work--he loves to go and he has lots of friends that come to visit.

Have a great Sunday!!
Mary, Jones & Cole

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  1. MARY! HELLO! First of all, these pieces are fabulous! My mother in law was once a collector and seller of antiques, so Steuben is a name I recognize and a quality that is superior. And I hear ya about the photography. It's taken me a few years to get the courage to do my own photography, and I am finally getting the look I desire. KEEP GOING. Don't stop. Keep playing until you find out how to get the right lighting and angles. You have some lovely articles to photograph, so you are on your way!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Anita