Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Roberto came on Tuesday and we worked all day on stuff. He polished the Regency Cabinets--I still can't believe that I have them (a thousand happy faces). I also managed to catch a few other  things last week (and Thursday is tomorrow).
I think every space needs to have (1) some humor mixed in and I was lucky that last Thursday no one had the same sense of humor that I have (maybe that's not such a good thing?). And (2) every room needs some black to ground it. These two tables satisfy both requirements. I'm pretty sure that the tables were created by a recognized artist, but they are not signed..... 

Of course, The Cat Table came with The Tumblers' Table (not exactly the man I envision--but acceptable)

I think both table date to c. 1970-80, but really do not know. To me they are folk art; I love the natural patina and signs of use.
Remember Kevin's rooster?

Well, I brought him dinner

This folk art/found object grass hopper is actually a coffee table base--I think he's more like a work of art. He's pretty long--about 38".
And last up is a pair of American(?) Spanish Revival iron stretcher trestle benches

I know that they don't have any relationship to anything else that I'm buying, but aren't they great? It is so hard to find this type of bench and to find a pair?!  I also just happen to have a trestle table that they will work with (I hope)--we'll see.

I need to get to bed--have been fighting a cold all week even stayed home today (all day).

Wish me luck to tomorrow--all we have to do is listen.

Mary & Jones & Cole

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