Sunday, February 21, 2016


Thursday evolved into a day when I was definitely "in the flow". I had previewed the auction on Wednesday; so I was aware of what was coming up. But there was one section that I did not preview: the cheap section because it was just a big pile of stacked furniture. I arrived at auction about an hour after the first lot had gone up. Maybe 10 minutes after I arrived, I hear the auctioneer say "a pair of round cabinets" (because I'm not tall enough to see over a lot of heads) I barely caught a glimpse of the cabinets and guessed that they might be old Baker pieces, but really didn't know. But I followed that little voice and bought them sight unseen (they weren't inexpensive for what I thought they might be). When I checked them out after the bidding stopped, I was confused...nope not Baker--but probably English mid-century. On Friday, when Marshall was loading the cabinets into my SUV, I asked him to turned one of the cabinets upside down... I almost went into shock: the pair just happened to be early 19thc. English Regency bedside cupboards and in excellent condition. One of the doors was locked and it looked like someone had taken the keys (you could see the empty tape where the keys had been)--but I have lots of old keys and was pretty sure I could open the door.
Saturday, Roberto brought up the cabinets and sure enough one of my keys opened the door, but best of all-----(drum roll): there was an extra original key that had fallen into the bottom of the cabinet section.
Here are a couple of detail shots.

I had not realized how spectacular the cabinets were until Roberto brought them to shop: look at the stunning crotched or flamed mahogany throughout; the cross-banding to the tops; the very unusual large complete oval form and their amazing condition.
The pulls are replacements and I have ordered new brass pulls from England.
I've been searching the internet (still need to check out Sotheby's/Christies) and have not seen anything comparable.
God does give good gifts, but I'm learning that I need to have the courage to listen and step out without a net.
I'll blog about some other items that I picked up on Thursday later in the week.

Jones say "hey" --he's getting his hair cut next week (right now he's a mess).

Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Mary, these are absolutely stunning! So great that you followed your intuition!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Hi Karena,
    Thank you. Roberto spiffed them up today and they look even better. Sending lots of love.