Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Yesterday I picked up two pairs of pillows from Pam, my beloved fabricator. The pair above was created from an early 20th c. Japanese Obi or kimono sash. And the second pair, below, of the famed Scalamandre "Le Tigre" silk velvet.

Look at the beautifully detailed very fine welting on the obi pillows which only Pam has been able to create for me

Not only has Pam created perfection in stitching in these pillows, she has chosen just the right section of the beautiful brocade to use on the pillows which are double sided and feature my standard custom 30% goose down/70% goose feather inserts and hand stitched closure.
But I'm also saddened by the fact that Pam will be retiring from her custom linen business this August. We have formed such a wonderful working bond over the last few years that it is hard for me to let go. Pam has promised to make one more pair of pillows for me and then she'll close her doors. Pam wants to paint and travel with her husband--I wish her well on this new adventure. I will miss her.
(I'm posting additional photos and descriptions of these pillows to my website www.mjhdesignarts.com)

HILLARY WON..............
I love Bernie and feel that he would, also, have made a good candidate. However, I think that HIllary will do a superb job of putting Trump where he needs to go (I will not detail my sentiments re. Mr. Trump because they are neither nice nor are they pretty). I love what Bernie (and Elizabeth Warren) are doing for our political process and I hope that the Democratic Party involves him in every step of the "platform" process. He has brought so many important topics to the forefront, topics that need to be addressed today.

Thursday is coming up and I will not be denied those ivory cerused chests of drawers.


Mary & Jones & Cole


  1. Those tiger silk velvet pillows.....gorgeous!! Mary, what is that chaise behind? Is it available? If so, will you email me info at topiaryplants@gmail.com? Many thanks! xL

    1. Hi Loi, Thank you. Sending you a separate email. xoxo Mary