Friday, June 17, 2016


Cole is now ten and hobbled with arthritis (poor boy), but he has his faithful partner in crime, Jones. Last week I bought the above pictured "Graduation Raccoon" for Blake (also some $$$). The minute I walked in the door from the store, Cole had his nose in the bag with the raccoon. He wanted that toy soooooooo badly. I carefully put the bag with the raccoon where I assumed Mr. Cole would not find it. Unfortunately, Cole only plays dumb: not 5 minutes had passed when I came back to the family room to find Cole with the raccoon in his mouth. I rescued it and put it where there would be no possible way for Cole to reach it and walked out. I came back a bit later to, once again, find the raccoon in Cole's mouth and this time that poor raccoon was completely lathered up. I knew that Jones (naughty boy) must have joined the quest to get Cole the raccoon. And he somehow stretched high enough to captured the prey. 
I put the raccoon on a high shelf in a closet, scolding both boys as I walked out the door to purchase the sole remaining raccoon. 
Today (more than a week later), somebody left the closet door open. And there was Cole prancing around with Mr. Raccoon. Jones, once again, must have been the facilitator--it would have been impossible for Cole to grab the beast off the shelf. Jones, on the other hand, had no trouble balancing on a bucket to reach the coveted raccoon and handing it over to his buddy.

Why can't Congress work together like Jones & Cole to accomplish long term strategic goals? I can only imagine how great our country would be.

Blessings on Father's Day! We are going to have the first scorcher of the season (yuck)--expected to be over 100* on Sunday and Monday.

Mary & (naughty) Jones & Cole

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